OTW Safety

Industrial Barriers

If you need a more permanent barrier that is still easy to install and move later, consider the adjustable width YellowGate with universal mounting system. Secure narrow ladder openings, delineate safe areas near airport equipment or augment any railing system where people need through access.

Industrial Settings Require Extra Safety Precautions

Temporary and semi-permanent barricades and barriers are widely used in industrial settings to notify people of surrounding conditions and prevent falls. Safety gates are often required to delineate between walkways and other areas that might contain heavy equipment or otherwise dangerous terrain.

It’s common to see safety swing gates specified in airport construction plans, especially if construction is taking place inside terminals or near jet bridges.

What makes the YellowGate so versatile is not only its universal mounting system, which allows the gate to be mounted on the right or left hand side, but the wide variety of applications for a gate that has an adjustable width. Suspended walkways in factories, railcar loading gangways, rooftops, platforms and other areas accessed by ladder can benefit from the added protection that YellowGate provides.