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Sporting Event Barricades

Sporting Event Barricades


Manufacturing such a unique product, we are constantly surprised by how our barricades end up being used. There are other plastic crowd control barricades out there but none of them are as well-designed or sturdy (not bragging, just saying). Our team has worked enough events to know how much rigidity and stability matters!

Barricades for Wrestling, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, & Martial Arts

Two venues that really benefit from plastic crowd control over metal are gymnasiums and basketball courts at high schools and universities. We hear from Athletic Directors, and Operations and Facility Managers about how much more friendly plastic barricades are for expensive wood floors and wrestling mats.

Whenever mats are used for wrestling competitions, gymnastics meets, cheerleading or martial arts events, organizers have to be careful to keep the mats in excellent condition for as long as possible. At the same time, it’s necessary to separate competitors from spectators. When sporting event barricades need to be placed directly on mats, it’s reassuring to have plastic fold-out feet rather than metal ends that might scuff or tear the material. When barricades need to be erected directly on the gymnasium floor and people will be leaning on them, it’s reassuring to have plastic feet that won’t damage the floors.

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Benefits of Plastic Sports Barricades

Once plastic crowd control barricades have been set up and linked they are very stable. People can lean on them and because the feet are low to the ground and create traction, they do not move easily. The barricades we manufacture are designed to be heavy enough to create a sturdy barrier but light enough to be carried by one person. Two people can carry 2-3 when they’re stacked flat.

Another advantage for Athletic Directors or competition organizers is the wide range of colors available and the option to add custom barricade signage. We find that schools and universities are excited to have a more colorful option that can blend in with their school colors and mascots. We have a lot of customers who use the signage option to add directional messages or to restrict access to certain areas.

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Sports Safety Barricades

The safety aspect of plastic is another benefit that can’t be ignored. Steel barricades are sometimes the cheaper option but can be a hazard if someone falls into them. With plastic, any impact will be lessened and there are options for insulating the barricades further, such as ballasting them with sand or water. We’ve also seen pipe insulation slid over the top and feet to create more of a cushion.

If you’re wondering whether or not to make the switch to plastic, consider the long-term benefits. Plastic just might be the friendlier option!

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Use our barricades for your next sporting event!

Give us a call at (801) 797-1913. We can also refer you to a number of satisfied buyers who can attest to the value of plastic crowd control barricades.