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Welcome to OTW Safety! We design, engineer, and manufacture the highest-quality plastic safety barricades on the market. OTW Safety offers plastic barricade solutions for airports, roadways, general construction, crowd control, and security. Suited for various safety and security uses, each of our safety barriers is designed to offer protection, longevity, and ease of use. As the original manufacturer we’re able to offer competitive pricing directly to our customers. Quotes are easy! Call or submit a request online and you’ll receive a quote including estimated freight charges within one business day.

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NEW: Crowd Barricades at the City of Glendale

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Since 1993, our talented engineers have been dreaming up alternatives to concrete and steel barriers. For years, we have been working with our customers and partners to refine and perfect each plastic barricade design. We support multiple industries with our unique barricades and make it a priority to stay informed on the evolving needs of our customers.

Ensure that you are using the highest quality and most innovative product line by buying directly from the manufacturer.

When it comes to work zone safety, concrete is not the only option. Our 42″ Jersey Shape LCD is the only plastic barricade approved for use in high speed zones.


Have you ever wished for an alternative to the metal eyesores that surround many venues and events? The Billboard Barricade not only looks better, it works better too.

Our innovative plastic crowd control barrier is the best on the market. With an integrated display panel and feet that swivel closed, this barricade will change how you do crowd control.

crowd control barricade features


Since 1999 we’ve been producing the highest quality airport barricades in the US. Our products are trusted by major airports across the globe.

All of our airport barricades are thoroughly tested. The AR10x96 for example, has been subjected to independent wind tunnel tests by Darko Technologies. Ballasted and outfitted with lights and flags, the low-profile airport barricade proved immovable even when confronted with wind speeds in excess of 70 MPH, the maximum speed able to be generated in the tunnel. 


Logos of airports which utilize the OTW Safety plastic jersey barrier. From left to right: PDX, Dallas Love Field, LAX, JFK and Asheville Regional Airport


Our barricades create order and safety in public spaces, consequently preventing accidents and injuries. The OTW Safety team works diligently to ensure safety by supplying superior products and ensuring that our customers employ the correct barricades for their specific needs.

OTW Safety construction barricades are trusted by major airports and roadway construction contractors alike while our crowd control barriers are used at many venues including sports stadiums, concert halls, zoos, festivals, and more. Relied upon by various branches of the military, our heavy duty security barriers play an integral role in protecting important buildings, checkpoints and military personnel.

Uniquely suited for various safety and security uses, each of our barricades is designed to offer protection, longevity and ease of use.



We take pride in the design and construction of each plastic barricade we sell. We’re proud to say that all of our plastic barricades are made right here, in the USA. In addition, they are 100% recyclable.

Our barricades are composed of superior grades of plastic known for strength and durability. They are also UV-resistant, have high impact and melt strength, and resist stress cracks and fracturing. This means our plastic barricades withstand severe weather and many years of transport.


Advanced molding techniques are employed to create plastic barricades that are lightweight and easy to move when empty, but are exponentially heavier once ballasted with water or sand. Once filled, most of our plastic safety barriers become up to 10x heavier and nearly immovable.

All of our products are designed to last a minimum of eight years though we do offer a one-year manufacturing warranty. Due to our close work with factories that produce our barricades, you end up with reliable barricades every time you order!


OTW Safety was built on the idea that great products not only meet needs but also serve the community at large.

We’re based in Salt Lake City and our founder Marc Christensen was a firm believer in supporting the work of non-profits in the city. Over the years, we’ve donated safety barricades to a wide range of groups. When it comes to our crowd control plastic barricades, non-profits not only receive the value that barricades can provide, they also gain an advertising platform to showcase their sponsors and attract more donations.

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We are a small business focused on relationships. We spend time with our customers working to understand their needs and offering them tailored solutions. We provide expertise in site safety, planning, and management with a team that has the knowledge and experience to help customers meet their requirements.

Our focus on relationships extends to our manufacturing and shipping partners. These long-term partnerships allow us to guarantee quality and efficiency throughout all our processes, keep costs low and pass the savings on to our customers. Compared to larger barricade suppliers we have much more flexibility and can usually offer lower prices and faster delivery. 


Give us a call! We’d love to help. We’re available Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm.