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Go Kart Track Barricades


OTW Safety is a leading provider of go-kart track barricades. Our barricades are designed for safety and visibility, providing a great experience for your guests. With a minimum useful life of eight years, our high-quality, low-profile barricades are built to withstand impact.

For track design assistance or help finding the right go-kart barriers, call us at (801) 251-7446.

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Looking for Race Track Barricades?

Our karting barriers are designed for temporary, permanent, indoor, and outdoor applications. Customers who have switched to our signature race track barricades have seen benefits like increased safety, less vehicle damage, easier installation, and more compact storage.

Why Choose OTW Safety Go Kart Track Barricades?

Our go kart barriers are made of 100% HDPE plastic. This material, combined with water ballasting, makes our barricades highly impact-resistant. Instead of absorbing impact, they have the ability to deflect low-speed collisions. This not only gives your track a professional appearance but also ensures the safety of your racers by reducing the risk of serious injury.

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