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Concert Barricades


OTW Safety specializes in safety products for a number of industries, and concert venues and crowd control are near the top of the list. We are honored to have provided concert barricades to a large number of venues and outdoor music festivals, including the Twilight Music Festival in downtown Salt Lake City, the Live Nation Coral Sky Amphitheatre at the South Florida Fairgrounds, the Music City Center in Nashville. Outdoor venues generally require multiple types of barricades to surround the perimeter, define entrances and exits, create VIP, alcohol, and food areas, and protect the stage. Our concert barricades are versatile enough to accomplish all of these tasks, and more!

The Benefits of Plastic Concert Barricades

Many concert venues still use outdated steel barricades for crowd management. Unfortunately, metal barricades can be ineffective, unstable, and, in the right (wrong) circumstances, even dangerous. There’s a reason we created our Billboard Barricade, and we’ll shout from the rooftops (or the stage) about the differences deploying our plastic pedestrian barricades can make in crowd control.


Plastic concert barricades are much safer for large crowds than traditional metal barricades because plastic barricades aren’t prone to sharp corners, bent feet, or rust. Our product promotes safety for staff and attendees and can stand up to big crowds better than steel barricades do. In fact, the design and connection features of our crowd control barricades make them incredibly stable on many types of terrain, including grass, asphalt, and gravel! If your venue is indoors, our plastic barriers won’t scrape floors, walls, or patrons, and feature plastic feet that easily twist into place.

Weight & Set-up

Have you ever tried to wrangle a metal barricade? It isn’t easy. They often weigh upwards of 40 lbs. each! One of the major benefits of plastic concert barricades is that they’re lightweight and easy to position, but, when connected with adjacent barricades using our unique interlocking design, they form a wall that is practically immovable. For extra staying power in windy environments, barricades can be ballasted with water or secured to the ground with an extra post – we’ve also seen sandbags used on occasion! At just 33 pounds when empty, a single barricade can easily be carried and set up by one person.

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In contrast to cold steel, plastic barricades look inviting and friendly. They’re colorful and less imposing, creating an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment (which is the goal at concerts)! One of the favorite features among concert and event producers is the option to include custom barricade signs. Events often add this display space to their sponsorship packages and feature ads for local businesses, sponsors, or future events. It’s a great way to thank sponsors and create potential future revenue!

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Use our barricades at your next concert!

Those who have made the switch to plastic concert barricades have seen major benefits like quick and easy set-up, increased safety from a more forgiving material, and the ability to display sleek, custom signage. Since upgrading an entire stock of barricades can be cost-prohibitive, we also offer a metal-to-plastic barricade adapter that securely fastens traditional steel barricades to our plastic billboard barricades. Upgrade a little at a time, if you need to, and soon your venue will boast a host of beautiful, safe plastic crowd control barricades!   We would love to help you customize the perfect concert barricades for your next event or festival!