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Production Services


Our approach is comprehensive, considering the needs and desires of event producers, participants, sponsors, attendees, and stakeholders. No matter the size of your event, we can walk you through all of the details from permits to insurance.

Our event safety products are designed and manufactured in-house and custom barricade signage is available to order – you won’t find more personalizable products anywhere on the market. Add in our molded vertical panels or our block party barricades, book a consultation with our expert team, and you’ll be well on your way to having the best event of the year.

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Not only does OTW Safety specialize in crowd barricades, but we also support events and organizers through our event production services.

Working behind the scenes, our experts are dedicated to ensuring that everything runs smoothly and safely.

How do we get it all done?

Enter Patrick Burns, OTW Safety’s Event Production Director. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Patrick is skilled at designing meaningful experiences of all sizes. Whether an intimate gathering or a sold-out stadium, he works with masterful attention to detail and excellent project organization, meeting and surpassing clients’ needs. Add in decades of relationship management and you’ve got a glimpse into what’s required to successfully host over three million patrons, attendees, and guests throughout his career.

Event Production Services

Pre-Event Production Services

How do you know where to begin when planning an event? At OTW, the plan’s foundation is always the site map. An aerial view of the site and corresponding sketch of safety measures will help ensure you have the proper number of barricades, give a clear understanding of the layout, and help create an excellent flow of foot traffic for guests.

Don’t leave anything to chance, leave the planning to the experts! We’ll work right alongside you [work with your needs in mind] to develop a comprehensive site map and an air-tight security plan, as well as a road closure plan, emergency plan, and incident action plan if you so desire. Our services can be as extensive or as limited as you wish: they can also include evaluation of first aid needs and hiring of a first aid team, coordination of rental equipment and services, development of a production schedule, arranging signage or marketing needs, and more. Once foundational plans are established and a site map is in place, the focus can shift to designing the venue and making use of available resources.

Through every step of the pre-event planning process, you’ll work closely with our events director to ensure the designs meet your logistical needs and promote the best overall experience for participants, attendees, and organizers alike!

Pre-Event Security Preparation

Our pre-event security services encompass every aspect of your future event: we’re here to help you plan for every possible outcome!

We can cover crowd control and traffic management, go in-depth on risk assessments, or create comprehensive incident action plans in case of unexpected emergencies. Need bag check operations planning, general pre-event consulting, or thorough emergency safety and security plans? Good preparation for event security is crucial, and we’ve got the know-how to help you manage every element of your security details from start to finish.

On-Site Production

Your event is planned and the big day arrives: for a smooth event, every detail must be in place. To help you pull it off, we’ll oversee your safety and security staff, coordinate all on-site vendors, execute the production schedule, and manage ‘coordinators’ over each program area.

On-site, we’ll handle barricades and signage and work with our partners to set up communication equipment, sound systems, trash and recycling areas, toilets, and first-aid sites. This is possible because of the relationships we have fostered with a variety of reliable service providers: we can get the items you need lined up and delivered to you at the right price, and we are confident that each vendor will add value to your event.

Stake & Strike

When we say we can handle your event from beginning to end, we mean it! When it’s time to stake the site, our team will prepare the event space for action. With the site map as our guide, every piece of the day will fall into place. Whether stages, toilets, barricades with sponsor signs, trash and recycling cans, tables, or food and beverage areas, each area will be set up precisely according to the plan.

During the event, we can manage food and water stations for volunteers, ensure equipment functions properly, and assist with coordinating event and security personnel. When the event closes, we’ll strike the OTW barricades and signs, as well as coordinate pick-up with equipment providers.


When the day of an event arrives, the organizers should have the chance to enjoy the outcome of their hard work instead of running around overseeing volunteers or staff or managing last-minute details.

With OTW Production Services, you don’t have to worry about overseeing special events personnel like credential checkers, ticket takers, ushers, or bag inspectors. The coordination of event personnel and control of the command center all fall within our expertise and we are committed to doing it right: our goal is to take all of the stress of operations off your plate so you can sit back and enjoy your well-planned event.

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