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Barricade Fence Panel

Steel Fence Panel Sections Compatible with OTW Plastic Construction Barriers

Add extra security and privacy to your worksite with our newly redesigned galvanized steel fence panel. Designed to integrate with both of our 42” jersey shape barricades, adding security to your jobsite has never been easier.

Barricades and fencing have long defined hazardous areas and prevented unauthorized personel from entering various types of work sites. Combining them gives you even better protection! Enter the sturdy, linkable OTW barricade fence panels.

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Compatible with our 32” Jersey Barricade and OTW42” LCD barricade, the barricade fence panel is a safety accessory you don’t want to skip. Fence panels are typically used when a construction site borders traffic or pedestrian causeways and serve security and protective purposes. If debris or privacy are concerns, mesh fabric can be easily added to provide an additional level of protection.

Temporary fence sections can also contain trash and debris from construction sites. With a secure site perimeter, the surrounding community does not have to worry about trash or construction material leaving the construction site.

Additionally, we offer gate adapters for both pedestrian and vehicle access. Because the fence panel integrates with our standard construction barricades and TL-3 rated traffic barricades, they are useful across many applications.

Not sure where to start? We can help you decide which combination of barricades and fencing is right for your project!


  • Adds security and privacy
  • Integrates with the OTW42x72 LCD and JSS42x72 barricades
  • 1 ⅜” steel posts and frame and 1 ⅝” steel support posts, all galvanized to prevent rusting
  • Newly redesigned for ease of installation, improved durability, and enhanced fit and finish
  • Stands 8’ 8.5” from the ground when installed on 42″ barricades
  • Fence posts are stored inside the post supports for compact shipping


Safety and security perimeter at events, venues, etc., construction site perimeter

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  • Galvanized Steel


  • Privacy screens
  • Custom branded screens
  • Gate adapter option


  • Width of panel: 70.5″
  • Height of panel (not including post supports): 62.5”
  • Height of post supports: 63.5”
  • Height of posts: 50”