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Custom Barricade Signs

Custom Signage for a Custom Crowd Control Barrier

To further enhance your OTW pedestrian barricades, add custom-fit, durable, corrugated plastic or PVC signs. With bright, clear printing and pre-drilled installation holes, these are simple to install and are perfect for branding, advertising, sponsorships, and more!

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Custom Crowd Control Barrier

Adding custom barricade signs to the Billboard Barricade can help generate revenue, increase safety, provide direction, and build brand awareness. Our high-resolution, full-color custom graphics can be printed on corrugated plastic (Coroplast®) or expanded PVC (Sintra®), both of which stand up to weather of all types just as well as our barricades do.

Many of the organizations that use our crowd control barriers have been excited to see their barricade signs draw so much attention. Festivals like the Utah Arts Fest use custom crowd control barriers not only to showcase sponsors but also to define specific areas and provide direction. Zoos around the US use custom barricade signs to advertise exhibits and shows or direct pedestrian traffic away from construction zones.

OTW’s superior billboard barricade fits the bill for crowd control in just about any location or event you can think of, and adding custom signage only enhances their use and flexibility.

Our barricade signs are trusted by major league sports teams, international airports, colleges & universities, zoos & aquariums, the National Park Service, and so many more!


  • Corrugated plastic (Coroplast®) and expanded PVC (Sintra®) are both durable and resistant to weather
  • Barricades can be shipped with signage attached
  • Graphic design services are available


Directional signage, Event advertising, Brand awareness

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  • 36.5” x 29” (includes bleed)


  • 36” x 28.5”


  • 300 PPI


Mounting hardware is included when signs are kitted to barricades prior to shipping. If you are printing your own signs, please note that the barricades themselves DO NOT include mounting hardware. The hardware we use to mount our signs include the following (per side):

  • Four (4) tap bolts, 1/4” diameter by 1/2” length
  • Four (4) flat fender washers, 1/4” inside diameter by 1 1/4” outside diameter

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