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Theme Park & Zoo Barricades

Safety has always been a point of concern for zoos and theme parks. With OTW products you can mitigate risk and create the best experience for your guests.
sloth hanging from billboard barricade at the zoo

Theme Park Barricades

Theme Parks are like small cities, welcoming hundreds and sometimes thousands of guests each day. Most people move through theme parks on foot and managing this much pedestrian activity can be challenging. Walkways need to be wide enough to accommodate the flow of foot traffic and directions need to be clearly visible. Permanent barriers and fencing are most often used to separate people from rides and attractions but temporary barricades can be another great asset for theme park operators and managers.

Crowd Management

Our barricades are perfect for guiding guests through amusement parks, creating temporary queue areas, and keeping visitors away from dangerous areas. Plastic barricades are lightweight yet sturdy so they are easy to position and relocate. Long lines can be turned into snaking ones with a few barricades strategically placed. Closed restrooms can be walled off with one or two barricades and prevent people from entering. Small and large construction areas can also be safely delineated.

Adding Signage

Our billboard barricade also serves as an advertising platform. Theme parks have featured sponsors, upcoming events, and safety rules in the prominent center display space.

Zoo Barricades

With so many people and animals sharing the same space, the landscape at most zoos seems to be constantly changing. As habitats are built, upgraded, moved or replaced there is often a need to separate spaces or limit access temporarily. OTW barricades are used frequently on the grounds at zoos but they can also be used in habitats in certain situations.

Limiting Access

Limiting access to closed attractions or active construction sites can be challenging when lots of people are moving through on a daily basis. Our branded barricades are an attractive alternative to steel barricades and allow you to maintain an inviting atmosphere while directing pedestrian traffic.

The Advantages of Plastic

Plastic is the safest option for zoo barricades because it eliminates the dangerous sharp corners and instability of traditional metal barricades. This is especially important considering that children, strollers, and even animals can interact with them safely.

The Barricade of Choice for Zoos & Theme Parks

Zoos, aquariums and amusement parks all around the country trust OTW barricades. Our unique design and unbeatable quality make us the supplier of choice for the following locations:

Theme Parks


Recommended Theme Park & Zoo Barricades

plastic green crowd control event barricade

Billboard Barricade

Our most popular zoo barricade is our signature billboard barricade. It’s lightweight but designed to stand up to weather and crowds. Our customers love how easy these barricades are to set up, interlock and store when they’re not in use. We offer all the colors in the rainbow plus a few more! We can also manufacture custom colors for!

interlocking plastic barricades with custom sign

Custom Signage

OTW offers custom signs that are high-resolution and weather resistant. They are a great way to highlight sponsors, provide directions or safety instructions, and advertising upcoming events. The signs come with a mounting kit including bolts and washers so signs can easily be attached.

Crowd Control Adaptor Connecting Steel and Plastic Barricade

Metal to Plastic Barricade Adapter

Many of our customers are in the process of making the switch from metal barricades to plastic. The metal to plastic adapter makes it easy to use both types of barricades.

Choose OTW For Your Zoo or Theme Park Barricades!

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