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Premium equestrian facility barricades


OTW Safety’s uniquely designed crowd barricades are perfect for any equestrian facilities.

OTW Safety has been a leader in the safety industry for two decades. Our products are widely used on construction sites and in From equestrian hotels to riding & training centers, we’ve got your crowd control (and horse control!) covered.

This premium product doesn’t negate the luxurious aesthetic of equestrian facilities. Instead, our barricades enhance guest, equestrian, and athlete experiences by creating a more intentional, branded, and organized space.

Equestrian facility barricades can be customized to match your arena. As direct manufacturer of the plastic Billboard Barricade, we can match any Pantone color.

In addition, custom signage can be mounted to both sides of our barricades; no tools needed! Signage can provide venue direction, cordon off VIP areas, or display sponsor logos – the perfect opportunity to generate supplementary revenue!

The Question of Safety

Safety is our #1 priority here at OTW. That is exactly why we always recommend plastic crowd barricades for sporting venues. With HDPE plastic barricades, there is no risk of rusting, warping, or protruding sharp corners; issues that you will run into with metal barricades. They don’t splinter and chip like wooden fencing. Thus, spectators are free to lean their weight on the barriers without risk of injury, however minor it is. Additionally, athletes and their equestrian counterparts are at less risk of injury in the case that they are thrown off or happen to rub against a barricade.

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The Barricade of Choice for Riding Arenas

Elevate your riding arena, indoor or outdoor, with branded barricades. Not only do guests and athletes appreciate your safety considerations – horses do too! We’ve been told time and time again that our barricades are well respected by horses in and out of the arena.

Concerned about wear and tear? Don’t be. Our barricades are carefully manufactured to last a minimum of 8 years. With UV-inhibitors, you don’t have to worry about colors fading over time. As they are HDPE plastic, simply wipe them down with a towel or use a pressure washer to remove accumulated dirt and dust. Once they have lived out their long lives, they can be recycled at most recycling centers.

While sturdy when interlocked to form a continuous wall, singularly, these barriers are light enough to move between different locations at your facility. Furthermore, their feet swivel inward allowing them to stack flat. Easy transport – easy storage!

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