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School Barricades



School-related events like graduations, fairs, celebrations, and athletic competitions are days that students, parents, and faculty all look forward to each year. These events are often exciting and memorable – if not the highlight of a school term. However, as any professional educator knows, planning a school event can be a difficult task. From managing a budget, to scheduling dates, to making reservations, to handling all of the many small details that need to be coordinated, administrators have to cover a lot of ground to make these special event days a reality.

What all school events need to be successful

The one thing all school-related events have in common, though, is a need for order and safety. Crowd barricades and temporary fencing serve the needs of large and small groups. They help to create an orderly environment, provide direction, and ensure visitor safety. Plus, they can be used for daily life around schools and Universities. In the cafeteria and hallways, around repair sites and in parking lots, barricades can outline queues, direct traffic and deter entry. In all types of scenarios they can be a great asset.

Types of School Barricades

To begin, it makes sense to take a look at the different school barricade options available to administrators, building managers and athletic directors. In general, school barricades are made of either metal or plastic. While metal barricades are often less expensive up front, they’re not nearly as durable or reliable as plastic barricades.

Metal barricades are susceptible to rust and over time, tend to degrade when exposed to the elements. They also take a long time to set up and break down –– particularly if you have to add and remove the feet. If you’re looking for highly durable yet movable barricades that you can count on year after year, then plastic is the way to go. OTW barricades are made with high-density polyethylene, which actually has a better strength-to-weight ratio than steel. The composition makes them sturdy yet lightweight and the swiveling feet make them quick to set up and strike.

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Barricades for Outdoor Events

Plastic barricades work well both indoors and outdoors at formal and informal school events. For outdoor gatherings, they can delineate the perimeter of an event so attendees know exactly where to go. Use them on grassy fields or other open spaces to create a smaller space where people are encouraged to interact.

Plastic barricades are portable but also extremely sturdy. Our unique design featuring swiveling feet ensures there is enough traction to stand up to pushing crowds. A line of barricades will stand up better than one on its own but even one is stable.

If barricades will be used long-term in a specific location or be exposed to high winds they can be staked to the ground through a set of pre-drilled holes. Sandbags can also be used to add extra weight if necessary. The plastic itself can easily withstand rain, sun exposure, and inclement weather.

At the conclusion of an event, plastic barricades are easy to break down and move into storage. With feet that swivel closed, the barricades stack flat on top of each other and are easily strapped down in a truck or on a flatbed. By storing them indoors after an event has concluded, you’ll add even more time to their lifespan.

Barricades for Safety and Organization

Strategically placed barricades will help administrators manage large crowds, prevent unwieldy lines and keep events and traffic flowing peacefully. Of all the sites at an event, parking lots usually get the least amount of attention but parking is really the first and last interaction guests have with your event. Done well, a simplified enter and exit process can ease stress and have a huge impact on the overall experience. Crowd control barricades can be used to designate parking areas in a coherent manner and prevent confusion and fender benders. Removable traffic signs can also provide direction in temporary grass or dirt parking lots.

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Customizable Barricades

A rainbow of colors are available at OTW Safety. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, silver, black and white are the standard colors stocked at any time of year. Looking for something different? Any custom color can also be produced (minimum order quantity applies).

Different colors can be used to differentiate areas of an event or enhance school spirit by reinforcing school colors. We often see orders for a brighter color and a more neutral one, like red paired with silver or purple paired with black. Barricades can make a big statement or blend in with the scenery depending on which colors are used.

OTW barricades support feather banners and flags with a set of pre-drilled holes on each end. Poles slide through easily and don’t need extra support. This feature is a great way to draw attention to an entrance or designate a certain area of an event.

Besides unique colors and banner support, event organizers can also choose to display their school’s logo or mascot on custom printed signs to boost school spirit and create a cohesive look. School directors can sell sign space to local businesses for advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

There are so many possibilities for what schools might display! We’ve seen schools print student artwork, hours of operation for different offices and buildings, delivery instructions for drivers, even blown-up photos from past events. If you partner with OTW Safety, we’ll handle every aspect of the printing process to ensure your design comes out perfect. Rather than dealing with old, worn-out barricades that are an eyesore and a safety hazard, you can now order durable, customizable, eye-catching barricades with signs that you’ll be proud to display for students and visitors at school events.

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What About Using Both Plastic and Metal Barricades?

If you’ve already invested in steel barricades or if your school currently maintains an inventory it may not be an option to replace them all at once. In this situation we recommend a simple adapter that can connect plastic and steel parts to form a continuous fence. This way, you can gradually replace worn or rusted barricades and maintain a secure perimeter. By purchasing barricades with adapters, you allow yourself greater flexibility should you need to purchase more barricades in the years to come.


Why Choose OTW Barricades?

At OTW Safety, we don’t just sell barricades, we manufacture them. We’re passionate about providing the highest quality products on the market, and because we sell directly to the consumer, we can offer extremely competitive prices.

All of our products are designed and manufactured right here in the United States. Even better – they are 100% recyclable. Our barricades come with a one-year warranty, but are designed to last at least eight years – if not more.

If you’re ready to make the switch to colorful, crowd-friendly barricades for your school, then contact the OTW Safety team here to get started. You can chat with an expert to get your questions answered and we can develop a customized quote depending on what your school needs. Your next event is sure to be a hit with OTW Safety barricades!

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Everything you need to know to purchase the perfect barricades for events and daily school activities

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