Event Barricades

OTW plastic event barricades are more versatile and durable than any other crowd control product on the market. We have experience securing all types of indoor and outdoor venues, including farmers markets, marathons, street fairs, art walks, beer gardens, festivals, concerts, go-kart tracks, racing tracks, and more. Check out some of our most popular event barriers below.

More Than Event Barricades!

OTW Safety not only provides high-quality event barricades, but we can help with your event planning and safety too! Our events team has years of experience with events as large as the Utah Arts Festival, which draws over 80,000 visitors in only four days. OTW’s event planning services include site mapping, venue design, sponsorship consulting, event signage, logistics, set up, and management. Event safety services include insurance consulting, operations management, and on-site security.

orange plastic pedestrian barricade

42" Plastic Pedestrian Barricade

The billboard barricade is our most popular solution for any type of event. These event barriers are colorful, sturdy, and interlock for increased stability. They also feature display panels that support 36” x 29.5” custom printed signs. These are often used to advertise future events or recognize sponsors.

Crowd Control Adaptor Connecting Steel and Plastic Barricades

Metal to Plastic Adapter

We understand that many of our customers have already invested in steel barricades, so we offer an adapter which allows steel and plastic event barricades to be securely connected.

Plastic water filled jersey barricade

42" Jersey Shape LCD Barricade

For an even sturdier line of event barricades, our Jersey Shape LCD barricades can be used for events that require more substantial delineation. Empty they weigh 80 pounds each but ballasted with water they can weigh up to 1,330 pounds. For added privacy or security, fence panels can be also be attached to the event barriers.

Use OTW For Your Next Event!

With our most innovative product at the core of our site safety services, we’re confident we can help you improve the overall success of your event. Our team is here to help! Call us for more information.

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crowd control barricade with exit sign

Custom Signage

Sponsorships are an important source of income for many of the events we serve. Consider an additional incentive that will get your sponsor’s brand in front of the most people possible – custom barricade signs for your crowd control barricades.

The billboard barricade was designed for advertising! We print big (36″ x 28.5″) colorful signs that attach cleanly to our barricades and stand up to sun or rain. Guests love being in a colorful, intentional space and sponsors love the visibility of their logos and messages.

Event barricades at the Utah Arts Festival

Easy Set-Up

One of the most unique features of our crowd barrier is the swiveling foot, which enables multiple barricades to be stacked flat for shipment or storage. Set-up is easy and without sharp edges or rusted sections to deal with, it goes faster too!