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Universal Safety Swing Gate

OTW is Proud to Partner with YellowGate to Offer Industrial Safety Swing Gates

YellowGate offers universally adjustable safety swing gates for hazardous working environments. Adjustable lengths and swing directions allow for quick and easy installation in any gated, barrier, or railing-needed area. Their exceptional features are just a part of what makes YellowGate a leader in universal safety swing gates.

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Superior Adjustability

With its adjustable length, swing direction, and universal mounting system, the YellowGate industrial safety swing gate can protect passageways with no measuring or mounting types required. The universal gate design makes ordering easy: just order as many as needed without worrying about sizing or compatibility!

Variable Width Swing Gate

With 16” to 36” of coverage, YellowGate’s industrial swing gates offer the largest opening distance of any swing gates currently available on the market.

Adjusting the width of your safety gate is effortless. Simply slide your gate to the desired width and fasten the adjustment bolts on the top and bottom rails. Note that perpendicular mounting covers openings from 16” to 32.625”, while inline mounting covers openings from 19.625” to 36”.

Adjustable Swing Direction

Because of YellowGate’s universal swing technology, swing gates can be repurposed as often as necessary. While other swing gates require flipping parts or restrictive mounting positions, YellowGate’s industrial swing gates make it as simple as changing a few bolts for a maximum swing angle of 108 degrees.

UniversalMountingOptions Horizontal png

Universal Mount

YellowGate’s universal mount makes installation straightforward. With no cutting, welding, or drilling required, the gate can be installed wherever, and whenever. Simply install using the provided tools on walls, square and round tubing, or angle iron in parallel or perpendicular mounting positions. YellowGate’s industrial swing gate meets any installation requirement with a single product.

YellowGate Rendered MountingOptions Perpendicular 1024x206 png

Perpendicular Mounting

Perpendicular mounting can be used to restrict ladders and narrow openings by placing the mount and hinge point out-of-line of a passageway. This perpendicular installation can help maximize access width while minimizing snag potential.

YellowGate Rendered MountingOptions Parallel 1024x145 png

Parallel Mounting

Parallel mounting allows the gate hinge point and handrail to be aligned. Through a parallel installation, the swing gate can cover larger openings like walking paths, entryways, and exits. YellowGate offers the most flexible gate on the market for installation orientation and customization.

All-In-One Setup

YellowGate provides everything you need to set up your swing gate the minute it arrives. Every gate comes equipped with a stainless steel mounting kit, hardware kit, and tension adjustment tool.

YellowGate Universal Safety Swing Gate 2

Making Hazardous Areas Safer for Operations

YellowGate is designed to reduce on-site injuries, plain and simple. Whether it’s reducing the risk of tripping at a ladder opening or restricting operators from wandering its hazardous areas, the YellowGate industrial swing gate makes working in a hazardous workplace safer.

Top-tier industrial Swing Gates

This innovative product can adapt to a range of industrial settings. Because of its unique features and high quality, the YellowGate safety swing gate continues to be a leader in the industrial swing gate industry.

OTW is proud to partner with YellowGate to offer their line of safety swing gates. Request a quote for your YellowGate today!


Safety Swing Gate for Industrial Use



  • Yellow


  • Min / Max Length: 16″ to 36″ (406mm to 914mm)


  • Closing Mechanism: Malbec Tensioner
  • Mount Type: Universal
  • Mounts anywhere with no additional parts needed
  • Field adjustable with no cutting, welding or drilling

Applicable Regulations

  • OSHA “1910.23 Guarding Floor & Wall Openings & Holes”


  • Powder Coated in Safety Yellow

Pallet Quantity

  • 10