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  • Help Us Capture Our Barricades in the Wild!

    OTW Photo Contest

    Each Year we ship barricades all over the world - to airports, theme parks, farmers markets and beyond! We love seeing where they end up and how they are used. If you have a good shot of one of our barricades in use, please send it in!
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  • Determining Lateral Deflections of Plastic Water-Filled Barriers

    MB42x72 JSS LCD with fencing at SD Ballpark

    This study investigated two methods that can be used to calculate the lateral deflection and the number of segments that move in a PWB after a vehicle has struck the traffic barrier. In the first method, theoretical equations were developed based on the conservation of energy. The second method used MADYMO simulations to calculate how the barrier deformed.The theoretical equations and the MADYMO simulation models developed in this study were validated against full-scale crash tests.
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  • Airport Runway Construction Safety

    MB42x72 JSS LCD with fencing at SD BallparkThere are safety concerns and legal requirements for just about any construction project. Projects in and around airports present a huge number of additional challenges and regulations. It can be difficult to be sure that your crew is following regulations.We've put together a PowerPoint presentation to supplement airport-specific training for construction personnel. Read More

  • The Billboard Barricade at Dented Brick Distillery

    The Billboard Barricade at Dented Brick DistilleryDented Brick Distillery opened its doors to the public last week as well as the first bottles of their first spirit, Antelope Island Rum. Now Salt Lake City is the home to the second largest distillery in the West.
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    Photo Credit: Barry Martak

  • OTW Safety's 2015 Year End SALE!

    End of Year SaleWe're putting our most popular products on sale including, for the FIRST time, the Low-Profile Airport Barricade! Beginning November 19, 2015 and continuing until January 15, 2016, receive a discount on your PRE-PAY order of the road-rated MB42x72 JSS LCD barricade or the FAA compliant Low-Profile AR10x96 barricade.
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  • OTW Safety's Labor Day Event Sale!!

    Labor Day Sale on MB42x45 LCD Start your project right with our most competitive pricing ever on the MB42x45 LCD! Beginning Labor Day Weekend and continuing until September 30, 2015, receive an additional discount on your order of six or more units.
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  • Serious Safety, Fun Interaction

    Utah Arts Festival When people get together in large groups these days, it is often to have fun. Whether at a concert, a game, an exhibition, a rally, or a speech, the last thing on your mind is safety. That’s why it is the first thing on our minds and the minds of those putting on the events.
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  • Winners of our 1st OTW Photo Contest

    Mo the Sloth climbing on our CC42x96 Thank you to all who participated in our first ever photo contest. We appreciate the time you took to sends us all your great pictures. We love seeing OTW barricades being used! Our first place winner stole the show with Mo the sloth climbing on our CC42x96 barricade.
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