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Announcing the 2023 Photo and Video Contest Winners!

Announcing This Years Photo Video Contest Winners

Our annual photo and video contest is a cherished and eagerly anticipated tradition within the OTW Safety community. These contests happen every year and give participants a chance to show off their creativity and talent.

Each year, the OTW Safety team picks 1-2 categories for the contest, with different themes and subjects to inspire participants.

See last year’s winners and honorary mentions here.

This year we had two categories:

Crowd Control — Participants were asked to submit content featuring our popular crowd Billboard Barricade at an event, school, restaurant, etc.

Construction & Traffic — Participants were told to display capture barricades, such as jersey barricades, LCDs, and low profile barricades.

To make the contests even more enticing, the OTW Safety team extends invitations to all of their partners, both past and present. And the winner of each category wins $1000!

This yearly contest is a beloved method of engaging with our partners, clients, and supporters. The chance to take part fosters a sense of unity and encourages teamwork, welcoming all to come together and enjoy the excitement.

Why offer a prize if it’s about collaboration and community?

The OTW Safety team recognizes and appreciates the efforts and skills of the participants, and therefore offers a monetary prize to the winners. This not only adds an element of friendly competition but also serves as a token of appreciation for the hard work and dedication put into creating exceptional photos and videos.

So, who are the winners of this year’s photo and video contest?

Drumroll please.

The winner of the 2023 Crowd Control category is: Thomas Hoghaug of the Yelm Tornados Football Team

Image shows a young football player running towards the camera with a football in his right hand, while simultaneously lifting his left hand over the line of black and red crowd barricades to high five spectators. The image is shot during a night game.

As soon as we received this photo from Thomas Hoghaug, we were sure it was a finalist. We love the interlocking black and red crowd barricades lining the football field. They’re a perfect match for the Yelm Tornado school colors: Black and red.

And sure enough, our team voted it all the way to the top of the rankings! But that’s not all.

Thomas Hoghaug also submitted a video entry which caught our attention. Do we have a future videographer in the works?

Watch it on YouTube.

Now that is some effective crowd control at a sports game. Thank you Yelm Tornados for your excellent submission!

We had some incredible submissions to the construction and traffic safety category this year as well. Many being aerial shots of construction sites featuring our Low-Profile Airport Barricades and LCD Jersey Shape Barricades.

Again, we left the voting power to our team and the submission that came out on top was submitted by Bill Howard of Shaw Equipment Services.

Image shows a boarding bridge at an airport being worked on next to an airplane. The tarmac is lined with low-profile airport barricades.

Thank you Bill for your superb submission demonstrating our classic Low-Profile Barricade hard at work.

There you have it – this year’s Photo and Video Contest winners.

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