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Gaga for Gaga Ball

Gaga Ball Pit using OTW Safety barricades

Are you gaga for Gaga Ball!? We sure are!

Recently, the OTW team has been receiving many quote requests for creating the pits required for this fun game, and we want to let you in on the secret to creating your very own!

Let’s get ready for some gaga ball!

But first, just what IS gaga ball??

Great for anyone who is old enough to understand the rules, gaga ball is a gentler version of the well-known dodgeball. This makes it great for elementary school-age kids, middle-schoolers, and beyond!

To play, everyone in play starts with one hand touching the edge of the pit. The game begins with the referee tossing the ball and everyone yelling “ga!” for the first two bounces. On the third bounce, everyone shouts “go!” and the gameplay begins. In order to remain in the game, players must avoid being touched by the ball below the knee. If the ball hits any player below the knee (even if the fault is their own), the player leaves the pit, and the game resumes. Any hits above the knee mean that the gameplay continues. The last man standing is the winner of the round! You can play as many rounds as you like, and adding a second ball minutes into play can make it extra challenging and fun.

Create your own gaga ball pit.

We fully believe in the power of fun, and we’re excited to be a part of helping create a safe, portable version of the gaga pit.

What you need:

  • Eight (8) crowd control barricades from OTW, available in a variety of colors. For extra fun, we suggest choosing barricades in multiple colors, like the photo above.
  • Soft foam (recommended) or rubber balls.
  • Gaga Ball instructions, printed on coroplast signage and mounted to the barricades, also seen above. Make it simple for anyone to play by having the rules easily visible! You can even add sponsor space for extra fundraising opportunities.

Gaga ball pit created using crowd barricades in rainbow colors. Image features children running around perimeter of gaga ball pit. Gaga ball pit is in the City of Coral Gables.

Why choose OTW for your gaga ball pit needs?

With OTW crowd control barricades, creating your own gaga ball pit is quick and simple. Thanks to the barricades’ design, it makes your new gaga pit incredibly convenient in a number of ways.

First, you don’t have to dedicate space to a permanent installation, giving you flexibility in location and budget. Building materials can add up quickly and aren’t always the safest (think splinters, etc). Because our crowd control barricades are made of UV-resistant, impact-friendly plastic, they’re a much safer choice when including kids in your fun. Their connection mechanism is simple, so you can let players into and out of the ring easily, all the while ensuring that the pit is strong and stable by ballasting [all but the chosen entrance barricade] with water.

Second, our crowd control barricades are lightweight and stackable, ensuring that transport and storage are simple. You could even take your gaga pit on the go and set it up at recess, a school fair, or any event where kids would benefit from having something engaging to do. We’d love to see a gaga pit made of crowd control barricades, paired with our wedge barricades for traffic control, at a block party for a fun and safe time for all!

Lastly, OTW barricades are 100% recyclable and long lasting. While you might get a good amount of years use out of a more permanent, wooden installation, it’s likely that your materials will degrade over time… once degraded, it’s fairly difficult to find new life for old plywood. Crowd control barricades are built to last, and, once they’ve reached the end of their first lives, are easily recycled to find life as something new!

Ready to invest in your very own crowd control barricade gaga ball pit? Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll get your order started right away.

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