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The Versatility of Crowd Barricades at Concert Venues

The Versatility of Crowd Barricades at Concert Venues

Let’s talk about safety and security at live event venues

Ensuring the security and safety of attendees and performers is of utmost importance at events and concerts. One key aspect of achieving this is by implementing effective barricade security measures.

OTW Safety Billboard Barricades serve a central role in maintaining crowd control and preventing overcrowding, which in turn significantly reduces the risk of accidents and injuries in densely packed areas.

By properly securing the perimeter with robust barricades, event organizers can create a safe environment that promotes peace of mind for everyone involved. These barricades act as a physical barrier, guiding the flow of pedestrian traffic and preventing unauthorized access to restricted areas. They can be strategically placed to direct attendees towards appropriate entrances and exits, as well as to configure designated areas for spectators at concerts or sporting events.

Purple billboard Barricade and features alongside aerial view image of Granary Live

The use of properly secured and sturdy barricades not only helps in maintaining crowd control, but also minimizes the risk of accidents and injuries.

In densely packed areas, such as concert venues or event spaces, overcrowding can lead to chaotic situations and potential hazards. By implementing barricade security measures, event organizers can effectively manage the movement of attendees, ensuring a smooth and safe experience for everyone.

Moreover, these barricades are designed to be robust and durable, capable of withstanding high-pressure situations. They are constructed to withstand the force of large crowds, providing a reliable means of crowd control. This is particularly important in situations where the safety of performers or VIPs is a priority.

In addition to their practical function, properly secured barricades also contribute to the overall aesthetics and organization of an event. They can be customized to match the theme or branding of the event, creating a cohesive and visually appealing atmosphere.

Overall, the implementation of barricade security measures is a critical aspect of event planning. Event organizers must prioritize the safety and well-being of attendees and performers by ensuring that the perimeter is properly secured with sturdy barricades. By doing so, they can effectively maintain crowd control, prevent overcrowding, and significantly reduce the risk of accidents and injuries in densely packed areas.

Granary Live concert venue packed full of people for a Tyga concert. Photo shows aerial view of crowd lining the main stage. In the middle of the GA, you can see the VIP section which is delineated using OTW Safety crowd control barricades.

Concert barricades at Salt Lake’s newest live event venue: Granary Live

Over the summer of 2023, we had the opportunity to sponsor a fantastic new event and performance venue: Granary Live.

“With state of the art production, Granary Live is born to amplify the cultural offerings of Salt Lake City, connect fans with top-tier talent, and further establish its namesake neighborhood, arguably one of Salt Lake City’s most historic and vibrant, as a maker’s space housing businesses of all types.”

We sponsored the venue through the provision of 100 white crowd control barricades. The barricades were used for a variety of applications.

In order to maintain a smooth and organized entry process at the venue, Granary Live made use of several of our highly effective Billboard Barricades.

These sturdy barricades were strategically placed at the entrance, interlocked together to create a strong and secure barrier. Not only did they serve as a physical obstruction, but they also displayed clear and easily visible directional signage, guiding attendees towards the appropriate entry points.

By utilizing Billboard Barricades, Granary Live prioritized the safety and convenience of their guests. 

The interlocking design of the barricades ensured that they remained securely in place, preventing any unauthorized access or overcrowding. Additionally, the inclusion of directional signage greatly facilitated the flow of pedestrian traffic, preventing confusion and congestion at the entrance.

The use of our Billboard Barricades not only fostered a sense of organization and security, but it also enhanced the overall experience of the attendees. By clearly indicating the designated entry points, these barricades helped to streamline the entry process, reducing wait times and promoting a more efficient and enjoyable event.

Additionally, our barricades were utilized to organize and guide crowds in the food and beverage area, effectively eliminating the confusion caused by aimless crowds.

Crowd control lanes and bar tent on a blue sky day at Granary Live

Creating a VIP experience with crowd barricades

Lastly, Granary Live utilized our barricades to create a designated VIP experience. Crowd barricades were employed to establish a secure and on-brand VIP section amidst the chaos of general admission. These barricades were branded and sleek, in contrast to the metal barricades enclosing the general admission area, thereby creating a distinct and exclusive ambiance for VIP guests.

“Anyone that OTW brings into the conversation is someone you can trust, that takes an immediate pressure off of you know, anything else you’re doing and it’s just been a wonderful experience.”

Ben Allen, Marketing Director for Live Night Events & Realign Group

Building safer communities together

Sponsoring local events and venues allows us to establish strong relationships with event organizers and community leaders. By working closely with them, we can collaborate on implementing effective crowd management strategies and contribute to the overall success of the event. This partnership enables us to have a direct impact on the safety and enjoyment of attendees, as well as the reputation of the event itself.

In conclusion, our sponsorship of local events and venues goes beyond financial support. It is a testament to our dedication to the well-being of our community and our commitment to promoting crowd safety.

We are proud to be able to protect and educate our local community, and we look forward to continuing our efforts in making a positive impact on the events we sponsor.

Upgrade your event safety and security

If you are looking to improve your crowd control methods, we are here to assist you! Our goal is to enhance the organization of your event without compromising its aesthetics.

So reach out to us for expert advice in event production and crowd management. We will work with you to identify the necessary measures to ensure the security and organization of your event.

Let’s get planning!

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