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Concert Barricades at Fourth and Live Concert Series

Concert Barricades at Fourth and Live Concert Series

This year, OTW Safety was honored to partner with the Caney Community Betterment Group Foundation (CCBGF) for their third annual Fourth and Live Concert Series event and provide concert barricades to help ensure safety across the event!

Co-founders of Fourth and Live and board members of CCBGF Jared Daniels and Josh Hockett sat down to give us a glimpse into what partnering with OTW looked like for them and how using our Billboard Barricades has changed their event completely for the better.

In the beginning, like many new events, the Fourth and Live Concert Series lacked infrastructure. It can be difficult to know what safety measures are needed when producing something new and exciting. The blueprints might be there and the examples plenty, but, when it comes down to it, hosting a new event means learning as you go in what will work for your event specifically.

Things went well enough for their first-ever event, but some complications quickly arose. Unexpectedly, the artists requested barricades in front of the stage at the last minute and Fourth and Live organizers had to piece together something with snow fencing, etc., but it didn’t last the night! According to Daniels, it “was probably not a safe environment for our artists or our attendees if something had happened or gone wrong”.

So how did Fourth and Live and OTW connect? Daniels saw an OTW pedestrian barricade at the Tulsa Zoo and reached out to us to see how we could partner with them for future events, and the rest is history!

Yellow crowd barricades lining crowd area in front of stage at fourth and live concert series.

Time and safety are essential for fast-moving events.

As an event that uses public streets, a timely set-up and tear-down is essential. From start to finish, organizers and volunteers spend an 18-hour day dedicated to Fourth and Live. Because our crowd control barricades are so easy to deploy and move, this has helped cut down on the time spent on ensuring safe perimeters for streets, stages, and more.

Of crowd control and safety, Hockett said, we “have to focus on protecting volunteers and artists with crowd control – OTW barricades helped with this… It’s vital to what we’re doing”.

As someone who’s been in the event industry for nearly 15 years, Daniels remarked how the billboard barricade is one of the easiest barricades he’s ever set up, and that the ability to stack them is one of the best things about them. High school volunteers handled them with ease!

Yellow concert barricades line the VIP section as musicians warm up for concert. Crowd is pictured behind barricades.

“Safety is our number one priority”.

With elevation changes (sidewalk to street, etc.), streets to cordon off, and stages to protect, OTW pedestrian barricades get a workout with Fourth and Live. Safety is paramount with large events and the bright yellow that Daniels and Hockett chose for their billboard barricades is perfect for visual communication of hazards and guidance. As a bonus, the optional customized signage helped organizers communicate with attendees without speaking directly to them, ensuring that people knew where to go for all aspects of the event!

The Caney Community Better Group is so dedicated to safety that they’ve even offered the barricades to their city of Caney, Kansas, for use at the annual city Christmas parade (the largest nighttime parade in Kansas, Caney residents will tell you) as additional safety measures. This is to ensure that it’s a safe environment for kids, families, and all involved!

Sleek and professional, perfect for many events to come.

Of OTW barricades being used, organizers received multiple comments on the level of professionalism they brought, such as “it felt like we were at a corporate event that looked super professional”; that was key for Fourth and Live in having OTW barricades! Hockett said, “They were huge in helping with the success of our event and crowd control”, so much so that the Caney Community Group already has plans to use the same barricades at other events around the city. They’ve got PupFest, a local school event, in the works, as well as their annual local golf tournament and more concert events to come… and the Group is looking forward to having OTW be a part of those as well!

“We started a community event in 2021 called the Fourth and Live Concert Series. OTW helped us take our event to the next level with their barricades (see pictures from 2021 to now). Safety is a huge concern in keeping our event going and without their help and product we would not be able to take safety to the next level.
OTW has been a great partner to work with over the last year in preparation for our event. We look forward to using their product for multiple events throughout each year.”

Jared Daniels
Musician and Co-founder of Fourth and Live Concert Series

Proud to partner for safety’s sake.

With a team as dedicated to safety as OTW is, we were proud to partner with the Caney Community Betterment Group Foundation for their annual Fourth and Live Concert Series this year and look forward to the other ways in which they put our trusty Billboard Barricades to use in the coming years!

We think they said it best: “I think it’s safe to say that it’s hard to envision any of our future events moving forward without OTW barricades”.

Thank you, Caney Betterment Foundation!

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