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A Letter from our CEO

Headshot of OTW Safety CEO, Leo Stanko

We might be saying farewell to another year, but the growth that OTW has experienced in 2023 will be sticking around. We are grateful for another year of support and another year of being trusted with your safety needs… Thank you!

Another year, another opportunity for innovation.

Simply put: this year, we’ve done a lot.

At OTW, we hold innovation as one of our dearest values and we honored that value in spades in 2023. We’ve expanded our product catalog and refreshed the tried-and-trues to serve our customers better, and we have plans to continue innovating new designs and products (roadway and construction!) in 2024.

We launched two new products, the Vertical Panel and the Rotating Airport Beacon. These two very different products serve important purposes in their respective applications, and we are elated that we were able to bring yet another round of excellent products to the table to help create safer spaces.

Our product catalog isn’t the only thing that’s grown: it was a year of cultivation and investment in our company and our people, and OTW brought on SIX new team members. These individuals are great at what they do and we look forward to seeing them shine in their roles in the company.

Our company values also underwent an overhaul; while our core values remain the same, we redefined what they mean to us and brainstormed how OTW can better reflect them in everything we do:

  • OTW seeks to create a positive impact in the lives of our customers, employees, and communities through meaningful, purpose-driven work.
  • Our drive for humble excellence means we strive to be the best in our field but recognize that there is always room for improvement and innovation.
  • OTW holds integrity and accountability close and maintains the highest of standards in all things.
  • Our uncompromising commitment to safety means we prioritize the safety and well-being of our employees and customers above all else.
  • OTW is a people-first company: we understand that mutual respect is crucial and that every perspective is unique and valuable.
  • Our drive for continual innovation helps us embrace progress and cultivate safer environments for all, and we use our platform for change to represent all stakeholders and champion safety initiatives.

As our customers are the heart of our business, we hope you see these refined values in every interaction with OTW. We’ve worked on our internal processes, improved our technology (i.e. our phone systems), and upped our efficiency to dedicate more time to our customers and serve you better.

Safety is our goal, but our customers are our focus.

We may have done a lot this year, but we will always remember where we come from. 30 years ago, OTW Safety humbly began in the safety industry by providing a single type of barricade… today, we’ve created an expansive product catalog, developed an incredible team, and are able to partner in sponsorships all over the US. All this, and more, is only possible because of your steady trust and support.

To our customers, partners, and community: thank you for continuing to be the driving force behind everything we do here at OTW Safety. We appreciate your enduring support through a tumultuous few years and we look forward to years more of growth, continued relationships, and creating safer spaces for all.


Leo Stanko, CEO