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Restaurant Barricades: Making The Most of Outdoor Seating 

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As Fall approaches, temperatures are dropping in cities around the nation, meaning it’s cool enough for people to get outside and enjoy the fresh air without worrying about high temperatures.

Restaurants that offer outdoor seating are a popular option for diners even in the chilly months, especially as dining establishments are left facing capacity limitations and other difficulties in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whether you’re a restaurant owner looking to welcome a crowd eager to enjoy a brisk fall evening outside or looking to increase the number of tables you are able to accommodate while following social distancing guidelines and capacity limitations, restaurant barricades are a great tool for doing so while keeping your customers safe. At OTW, we take safety seriously and have many options for restaurant barricades that can help you set up a safe and enjoyable outdoor dining area for customers this fall. Outdoor restaurant barricades can help you delineate spaces in areas such as parking lots, sidewalks, or a patio that might not otherwise be able to accommodate large crowds of diners. These restaurant barricades can help to keep dining areas separated from pedestrian traffic, vehicles, and other crowds so that your customers can enjoy a safe dining experience.

If you’re looking to create or upgrade your outdoor seating area with restaurant barricades, here are the great options that OTW offers.

1. 32” LCD Barricades

OTW’s 32” LCD Barricades offer a great balance of protection for your customers while being one of the easiest barricades for you to set up and put in place. These barricades are ultra-lightweight and easily transportable, making it easy for us to ship these barricades to you ASAP with no trouble.

OTW Restaurant Barricades creating a safe outdoor seating area in front of Playa Bowls in SLC, UT

These barricades weigh roughly 30 pounds, making it easy for one to two individuals to transport them. Once filled with sand or water, these barricades are durable enough to withstand even the strongest winds, meaning they won’t move once set in place! At 32” tall, these barricades allow customers to see over them, meaning they will remain protected from pedestrians, traffic, and other crowds while being able to enjoy the view on a beautiful day outside.

2. Crowd Control Barricades

Yellow Billboard Barricades with Custom Signage creating a perimeter around the dining area at the Adventure and Gear Festival

To easily delineate a dining area, OTW Safety’s Crowd Control Barricades are the perfect option. These barricades can be customized for your brand or local advertisers, allowing them to easily double as a helpful marketing tool. Our Crowd Control Barricades come in a range of customizable colors and can be adorned with Custom Signage displaying your logo, menu, and more. This customization allows them to blend seamlessly into your restaurant’s theme or decorative style. This is the best option for highly visible restaurant barricades.

3. 42” LCD Barricades

Yellow Billboard Barricades with Custom Signage creating a perimeter around the dining area at the Adventure and Gear Festival

The most durable option for restaurant barricades is our 42” LCD barricades, which will ensure the safety and security of outdoor diners. Add these barriers to a parking lot or extended patio area where vehicular or pedestrian traffic is high, and they will not move under any circumstance once ballasted with sand or water and weighing in at 1,200 pounds when full. These barricades make it easier than ever to offer extended outdoor seating for customers without putting their safety at risk.


OTW Safety is ready to help you create your new outdoor dining space. We not only sell top-of-the-line safety barricades, but we also manufacture them, meaning our expert team knows just how to customize your options to fit your restaurant’s needs. Contact us today for help designing your new outdoor dining space!

Check out this video tour of La Ñapa’s outdoor dining area, featuring OTW Safety Barricades.