OTW Safety


OTW Safety serves the local community as well as businesses and organizations across the nation. See more of our honorable mentions below in our latest press coverage.

EPA's Comprehensive Procurement Guideline Program Includes OTW Safety Products

OTW Safety traffic products are included in the EPA’s comprehensive procurement guideline (CPG) program promoting the use of recyclable materials.

OTW Products Used for Multicultural Park Performances in Utah

Traditional folk and cultural dance performances are enjoyed throughout the summer in a local park in Utah utilizing OTW crowd control products.

OTW Safety is a Great Option For Businesses Hosting Large Scale Events

Hosting larger events can be great for growing businesses, and with the help of OTW Safety, those events see more success.

Event Planning Hub Highlights OTW Security Products

OTW provides easy-to-install security products that make planning for events requiring elevated security a breeze.