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The Ultimate Summer Guide to Crowd Control is here!

Outdoor Dining at La Napa using crowd barricades

It’s May! Welcome to warmer weather, the school year’s last weeks, and the kickoff to event season and al fresco dining. We’re excited to announce the launch of our Ultimate Summer Guide to Crowd Control to help you navigate all that comes with warm weather events and dining. 

Event season is here, and the experts are ready to help.

As safety and event experts, OTW is well-versed in what it takes to create excellent, safe events (or any crowd control application) and we are happy to share our insight with all.  

Our Event Production Services team is led by an event management master with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Our research and development team leaves no stone unturned and no idea untried… and we regularly send staff out into the field for site visits to assist customers with the best usage for their application and to help us improve our products. 

“With OTW Events, we offer these services to large and small events that might need our expertise in the field to help plan and make them successful, aesthetic, and safe.”

With over three decades in the business of safety and nearly as many in the event industry, the team at OTW is prepared to help you create the event of the year with event barriers and pedestrian barricades. 

Need crowd control measures for concerts, restaurants, or any other crowd-heavy situation? The time we’ve invested in both the safety and event industries lends itself to our expertise, enabling us to help you navigate safety solutions and publish this guide.

Al fresco dining meets restaurant barricades

With anything adjacent to moving vehicles or in the line of a travel area, safety should be a primary concern for venues where people will be. Whether in a waiting area at a cafe, a concert venue queue, or an outdoor dining area, integrating safety measures is key to providing the best experience possible. Doing so keeps guests separate from other potential traffic (both foot and vehicle) and better ensures their safety. Proper crowd control measures also help guide guests and keep them in the areas they are supposed to be in.   

While not confined to a specific day or week, the outdoor dining season is an event in and of itself. Warmer weather brings the tables to the sidewalks, with diners excited to sit and enjoy Mother Nature. 

Outdoor dining safety shows your patrons how much they matter.

Creating spaces where guests can enjoy delicious food and some refreshing air – safely – shows them that all aspects of their experience at your place of business matter to you. Many businesses have picked our trusty Billboard Barricades or the 32” LCD barricade as their restaurant barricade of choice, and it’s easy to see why. Either barricade makes an excellent sidewalk barrier and exponentially increases dining area and sidewalk safety!

Take a look at this blurb from our guide about creating the perfect, safe outdoor dining area:

A peek into How to Create an Outdoor Seating Area

  • Think about your threshold. Your outdoor seating area will often be located on the street, while your clients will access it via an elevated sidewalk. Account for this change in height, and make sure you keep in mind the existing slopes and angles of the roads your design will be seated on.
  • Curate for your clients’ senses. There are multiple strategies to limit the impact of the bustling urban environment that might surround your structure. Views can be obstructed or enhanced depending on the materials you use, while sound and smell can be minimized by the use of planters and greenery.

Crowd safety for the win all summer long

This guide is one of a kind: we’ve compiled all our best tips, tricks, and recommendations into one easy-to-read manual for crowd control. You’ll find crowd control concepts, al fresco dining recommendations, event marketing insight, and so much more. 

Our goal was to make event safety accessible to anyone: while you might still have to visit your city website to find specific permit requirements, we’ve covered nearly everything else! From neighborhood block parties to large event venues to successful event planning… we’ve got so much safety goodness packed into our Ultimate Summer Guide to Crowd Control and we can’t wait to share it with you. 

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