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Keep Your Supply Chain Short— Buy Made in USA

Keep Your Supply Chain Short Buy Made in USA

No one likes to be without the things they need— and when you’re running a business, you can’t afford to be, especially when it comes to safety equipment like safety barricades. The US has experienced a significant supply chain shortage since the start of the pandemic, and nearly everyone has been affected. A great supply chain strategy that has short- and long-term benefits is to purchase equipment that is made right here in the USA. Here are some of the key reasons to buy Made in USA products like those at OTW Safety during a supply chain shortage (and anytime!):

A Shorter Commute Gets You There Sooner

A lot of the supply chain shortage is not due to a lack of products, but to delays in shipping and transport of goods, especially overseas. As demand is high, but workers are in short supply, international traffic jams mean supplies are left at ports or in warehouses, unable to get where they need to go. This means a lean supply chain with much longer wait times, backorders and sometimes no availability at all. So, why not take a shortcut and look closer to home? When you buy goods made in the USA like OTW’s safety barricades, you don’t have to worry about shipping containers and clogged ports.

Save Money, Short or Long Term

Often purchasers look overseas when they can find a great deal. However, longer wait times and lower quality can quickly make a difference to your budget. Further, supply chain shortages have increased a lot of pricing, particularly with international purchases. So, it may now make a lot more sense to buy USA-made goods right up front. Even if the up-front cost isn’t where you see a difference, you can count on the long-term benefit of higher-quality products. Not all goods are created equal after all. The USA has stricter manufacturing standards, especially with safety equipment, so the equipment you buy within the country is going to be better quality and longer-lasting. Not having to constantly replace barricades, safety lights, and accessories means you are saving money long-term. OTW Safety recently had an airport client reach out to get some new lights to go with their barricades they’ve had for over 12 years— and they’re still going strong!

Good For You, Good For Your Community

Buying at home in the US is a situation where everyone wins. Working with companies like OTW Safety and other Made in USA brands means more jobs and a stronger supply chain within the country. It is better for the environment due to less impact from international shipping and transport. Buying from your country means more price stability. All of these mean a stronger economy for your country, which comes back around to supporting your business!

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OTW Safety is proud to design and manufacture our barricades here in the USA. As the designers and Original Equipment Manufacturer, we are able to maintain quality at the highest safety standards. We love working directly with our clients to come up with a safety solution that best suits your business, from products to pricing. Contact us here and let us keep you supplied!

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