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The Jack of all Trades: Crowd Control Barriers

Horse jump over a crowd control barrier

With spring and summertime on the way, the time for outdoor events is quickly approaching. The weather is heating back up and soon warm weather activities will be a daily occurrence. Summer camps are beginning their preparations, summer concert series are gearing up, and outdoor venues around the country are planning and preparing for all that comes with the change of seasons.

Part of these preparations will include security plans, crowd control measures, and finding creative ways to divide, section, and encircle various activities each week. Let’s take a look at how the Billboard Barricade is the perfect barricade for any and all of those jobs! 

Barricade ideas for the books

Indoor and outdoor game areas

Camp Arrowhead in Brackney, PA, had the incredible idea to use crowd control barricades as the foundation of their indoor and outdoor game and play areas. They created indoor bowling alley lanes in their gym! This was the perfect setup because, unlike many types of dividers, the crowd control barrier’s plastic feet are gentle on gym floors, easy to move around, and sturdy enough to maintain stability. 

Arrowhead OTW Safety Barricade Bowling (3)

They also created a ring of barricades for one of our new favorite games: Gaga ball! The Gaga ball pit is a simple circle of connected pedestrian barricades, with one generally left unconnected for use as an entrance. This ensures easy access for kids, adults, or even wheelchairs, making this fun game more accessible for all.

Another idea by Camp Arrowhead comes in the form of portable axe-throwing lanes. 

The camp wanted something easy, fun, and exciting for their adult camp weeks, and this fit the bill! They set up adjacent lanes with a target box at the end; the barricades ensured nobody crossed paths and helped indicate where throwers should stand. When it’s time to put the lanes away, each lightweight barricade’s feet fold in, making nesting the barricades a breeze and slim storage possible!

Axe Throwing Lanes using crowd control barriers

Special event barricade perimeters

At FestForums this year, local Santa Barbara shelter, Sparks Rescue, brought several furry, adoptable friends for a meet-and-greet dubbed PuppiesPalooza. Our pedestrian barricades were being used for general crowd control at the conference. However, because they are so light and portable, volunteers quickly reassembled them into a safe and secure enclosure for the puppies and humans to interact! As a bonus and marketing dream, custom signage was created for the meet-and-greet, boldly drawing attention to the shelter and the puppies themselves with a bright turquoise background and crisp white lettering. 

When the meet-and-greet with the pups was over, the barricades were promptly moved back into place as crowd control barriers once again. This idea is easily replicable by other adoption centers or rescues looking for a simple way to set up a safe place for hopeful adopters to meet their future companions! Doggy daycares across the US have also found crowd control barriers to be the perfect addition to their canine security and separation measures.     

Yellow barricades with custom signage at outdoor event

General event barricade perimeters

Many venues and event organizers that use our crowd control barricades use them on a regular basis. The most common use of the crowd control barrier is just that: crowd control! 

Annual conferences like FestForums in California use our barricades as perimeters, gates, directions, and more, to keep guests on the right track and out of restricted areas. They also add their logo and any sponsors to custom signage to showcase their brand and supporters throughout the conference. 

Granary Live in SLC uses white crowd control barriers weekly to define their VIP areas and create wide walkways at their outdoor venue. If they need to rearrange or take them down, they can do so quickly (without extra labor costs!) because the barricades are so light: one person can easily handle set up or tear down.   

Over in Florida, the World Equestrian Center makes use of our temporary fence barricades by creating holding areas for horses and riders, defining pathways, and encircling competition rings for safety. The barricades are horse-friendly, as they don’t make loud noises if moved, aren’t sharp, and are incredibly easy to see in safety white. 

home equestrian

Can I rent barricades for crowd control for my events?

You sure can! Available for rent throughout the state of Utah, our crowd control barriers are sure to help you create a safe, secure, and aesthetically pleasing event. Our team of experts can help you estimate the proper number of rental barricades needed and deliver them right to your door (local pickup is also available for those local to SLC). 

If renting isn’t the route you’d like to take, we have event barricades for sale in all 50 states. Contact our team with your safety needs and we’ll get started right away on a personalized quote to help make your next event a (safe!) success.