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Plastic vs Metal Barricades: Which is Best For Schools?

Metal v Plastic for Schools

At OTW, we specialize in designing, manufacturing, and customizing plastic barricades for numerous businesses and events. And we think that plastic barricades provide a great deal of value for those who choose to invest in them. School administrators in particular can benefit from purchasing plastic barricades for general usage and for use during special events. Below, we’ll explain a few differences between plastic vs metal barricades so you can have the information you need to make a smart purchase decision for your school: 

Plastic Barricades vs Metal Barricades at Elementary Schools

Administrators at pre-schools and grade schools often use plastic barricades on a daily basis. Some schools use barricades to form crosswalks or to mark pick-up and drop-off areas. Others use them to identify emergency exits or to display information. Schools may also use them to manage crowds or vehicle traffic during big events like field days or commencement ceremonies.

One of the main differences between plastic and metal barricades for administrators working with young children centers around the issue of safety. Plastic barricades are much safer than metal ones. Over time, metal barricades can form sharp or jagged edges, and they can be knocked over by students or visitors –– particularly when they’re placed on uneven ground. Note that maintenance staff moving barricades can also be injured by sharp edges on metal barricades. Plastic barricades, though, don’t present a safety hazard and they can be filled with sand to increase their stability during outdoor events. Plastic barricades are also more durable than metal ones. They come with UV protection so their colors won’t fade, and they’re not susceptible to bending or rusting when left outdoors. 

When looking at plastic vs metal barricades, plastic barricades often give you more customization options.

Plastic Barricades vs Metal Barricades at High Schools & Universities

Administrators at high schools and colleges may utilize barricades in both a daily capacity and at large events that attract lots of visitors. Barricades can help administrators organize grounds at events ranging from football games to graduation ceremonies. 

There are many factors that make plastic barricades superior to metal barricades for use at high schools and universities. Here are a few key features: 

  • Plastic barricades are easier to transport and store than metal barricades because their feet swivel closed allowing barricades to stack easily. 
  • Plastic barricades are fit for both indoor and outdoor usage. 
  • Plastic barricades come in a variety of colors and they’re easy for motorists and visitors to spot from a distance.
  • Schools can use the built-in display panel of our plastic barricades to add custom signs that display information, directions, logos, or advertisements. Many universities line athletic venues with plastic barricades and use the display space to showcase sponsors. 

All in all, plastic barricades allow for relatively easy transport. They’re safe, durable, sustainable, customizable, and they offer administrators who purchase them meaningful value. Metal barricades, meanwhile, are difficult to move around, can present safety issues, may rust or form sharp edges over time, and they don’t offer the same customization options.  

At OTW, we’ve worked with schools for many years to deliver quality products, and we’re excited to create new partners in the coming years! We’re passionate about our products because we design and manufacture them ourselves. Click here for more information about our products, or if you’re ready to order plastic barricades for your next event, contact us today

If you’re looking for more information, read our free resource “The Ultimate Guide to School Barricades” today: