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Custom Signage + Billboard Barricades for the Inclusion Matters Gala

Inclusion Matters Gala OTW Barricades

Come one, come all

This year we were thrilled to partner with the Autism Solutions Academy (ASA) and sponsor their annual Inclusion Matters Fundraising Gala with our Billboard Barricades and Custom Signage

Held at the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium in Draper, UT, this year, the gala consisted of a dinner, auction, and a talk by Temple Grandin. She spoke on the importance of including autistic and neurodiverse individuals in the workplace and challenged companies to take necessary steps towards a more inclusive workforce. 

Autism Solutions Academy

Autism Solutions Academy was born to fill the gap for affordable education for those on the autism spectrum. Their founder, Lacey Anderson, spent years working in the public school system as a Special Education teacher and Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and knew there was a need for a place where every student could reach their full potential. She and her husband, David, created the Autism Solutions Academy to fill that need and to give students every tool they need to succeed. 

The Inclusion Matters Project

As a safe and fun place for learning for those on the autism spectrum and advocates for inclusion in all aspects of life, the ASA created the Inclusion Matter Project to “celebrate autism and inspire community members to include autistic individuals in meaningful ways”. Their annual gala, hosted for the first time in 2023, is an extension of this project and a way to give the community a chance to contribute to the quality education taking place in their schools.   

Our Sponsorship

This year, OTW Safety was happy to provide 35 Black Billboard Barricades and Custom Signage, which displayed sponsor logos and a few directional signs. The barricades and the beautiful, custom-printed signage created an event entrance that would not have been clearly marked otherwise.

As advocates of accessibility and inclusion, we were honored that our barricades and custom signage made the event more accessible. Without directional signage and guidance, the event would have been more difficult to find, especially with the large venue. 

We also purchased two tables at the dinner and our team attended, participating in the auction. We especially loved hearing from Temple Grandin!

“OTW Safety sponsored our Inclusion Matters Gala for us. As their sponsorship, they did a barrier package for our gala. They printed the custom signage and worked with us on delivery and pickup as well as sign design specialized for our event. We were incredibly grateful for their support and would 100% work with them again! They were easy to communicate with and really helpful during the whole process. We give them 5 stars and would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering using their services. Thanks for the great experience!”

Camilla Westhoff, Director of Non-Profit Services at Autism Solutions Academy, Utah

Safety is for everybody

As a people-first company, we hold fast to the value of creating a positive impact in the lives of our customers and community. One way we do this is by staying involved in the community through sponsorship. When a business or organization in the Utah locale can benefit from the sponsorship of OTW barricades, we do our best to fulfill that need.  

We fully believe that safety is for everybody and every body and we are dedicated to continually providing our community with the best safety products on the market.

See our video recap, featuring Lacey Anderson, Founder of Autism Solutions Academy