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Meet the Equestrian Barricade

equestrian barricade

Out of a need for sleek crowd control to match the aesthetic of premier equestrian facilities, comes the equestrian barricade: the best in the arena.

From Foxglen Farm in Argyle, TX, to Black Prong Equestrian Village in Bronson, FL, to the World Equestrian Center in Wilmington, OH, and Ocala, FL, our equine barricade has found a home in venues across the country.

Foxglen Farm in Argyle, Texas is committed to providing the very best care and education for every horse and rider who walks through the doors of their beautiful farm. One way they add to their facility’s safety is with OTW equestrian barricades for use in and around the arena.

Black Prong Equestrian Village offers luxury horse accommodations and a premier training environment for those seeking to compete in central Florida. They’ve got the safety measures to match with OTW riding arena barricades.

Right down the way from Black Prong, you’ll find the Florida World Equestrian Center. Both the Florida location and the Wilmington, Ohio, location, are known as premier equestrian event venues. They are dedicated to offering “great sport and good fun in a family-friendly environment”, a goal that is aided by their stock of premier white OTW equine barricades.

Where the riding arena barricade is used

The World Equestrian Center (WEC) in Wilmington, in particular, is an equestrian competition facility that showcases excellent usage of the equestrian barricade in both its indoor and outdoor arenas. Outdoors, they use them for crowd control, riding arena fencing, horse paths, and as holding pens for competitors. Indoors, you’ll find much of the same usage, as well as barricading off certain arenas and restricted areas. TJ Campbell, General Manager of the WEC in Wilmington said, “It’s [they’ve] just been great to use for any application”.

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Features of the equestrian barricade

Aesthetic visibility

The equestrian barricade is commonly purchased in pristine white, which is easily visible and aesthetically pleasing. UV-resistant and HDPE means a lifetime of vibrant color and easy-to-clean materials. A quick wipe down with a microfiber towel will restore your barricades and signage to their original state after a dusty afternoon at the arena.

Also available in black, blue, purple, yellow, safety orange, and any pantone color (minimum order required), you can create a beautiful, custom crowd control and riding arena fencing solution.

Easy storage and setup

Thanks to folding feet, the riding arena barricade lays completely flat and nests with others for storage. Storing and transporting a barricade has never been easier! Because of their featherlight weight, a single person can handle set up, if necessary, and the barricades can be moved effortlessly from event to event.

Custom signage

The competitive riding arena is a place for showcasing horse expertise and displaying hard-earned skills. With OTW equestrian barricades, that’s not the only thing being displayed!   These equestrian panels are designed for display, and a sleek 36”x28.5” inlay accommodates custom signage to showcase sponsors, advertisements, the facility logo, and more.

We’ve made it so easy to install, you can do it by hand. Simply take 4 tap bolts and 4 flat fender washers and attach the signs at each corner. If you order signage with us, mounting hardware is included when signs are kitted to barricades prior to shipping!

100% recyclable HDPE construction

What makes the OTW equine barricade so perfect for riding arenas and equestrian venues? Many things, but one of the top contenders is their composition and design. Molded from 100% recyclable high-density polyethylene (HDPE), they are safe to handle and won’t bend or rust. Because of the equestrian barricades’ rounded edges and quiet material, they are also horse-friendly and won’t cause unnecessary scares or injuries.

The safest equine barricade on the market

Thanks to its thoughtful design and stunning construction, the OTW equestrian barricade has no equal on the market. One of our current equine venue customers noted that “it’s changed the way we’re able to get information out and work in our industry”, and we are privileged to be a part of helping create safer spaces at equestrian facilities across the country.

But don’t take our word for it; take it from Christian Duderstadt, the Technical Coordinator at World Equestrian Center in Wilmington: “I would highly recommend the fencing we have now from OTW. It’s just the best product out there on the market right now”.

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“I would highly recommend the fencing we have now from OTW. It’s just the best product out there on the market right now.”

Christian Duderstadt