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OTW Football Field Barricades Make a Statement

OTW red plastic pedestrian barricades on field at rice eccles stadium university of utah@2x

Utah’s famous Rice-Eccles Stadium has been using our signature billboard barricades in red and white to support the University of Utah football team for years. Our football field barriers have stood up to constant wear and tear, and they still look great! Plus, they play an important role in managing foot traffic in large spaces like stadiums and arenas.

One of the best parts about selling products to so many local organizations is that we get to see our barriers in use year after year. It feels good to know that we’re contributing products to the marketplace that truly enhance so many different types of venues and events. What’s more, we’re always looking for new partnerships, and our barriers are perfectly suited for use at football games and other sporting events (both indoors and out).

OTW red plastic pedestrian barricades on field at rice eccles stadium spring scrimmage jpg
OTW red plastic pedestrian barricades on field at rice eccles stadium block access jpg
OTW red plastic pedestrian barricades on field at rice eccles stadium manage foot traffic jpg
OTW red plastic pedestrian barricades on field at rice eccles stadium lets get ready to rumble jpg

Advantages of OTW Plastic Field Barricades

The highest priority at sporting events should always be the safety of spectators and players. OTW plastic field barricades are safer and more efficient than our competitors’ metal barricades in a number of ways. Low-quality steel barricades often rust or break creating sharp corners, the feet end up bent and unstable, and many no longer interconnect, which makes them hazardous to use at sporting events. That goes double for events that children may attend.

Not only are plastic sports barricades the safest options, they are also the easiest to set up, position, and store. Each barricade weighs only 33 pounds but once the swiveling feet are set in place and a line of barricades is interconnected and ballasted, they can stand up to leaning spectators, high winds, and other forms of bad weather.

OTW crowd barricades come in a wide variety of colors, so it’s easy to find products that match your team’s colors. We can also produce custom colors to get an even more specific match. Curious about the sponsorship opportunities unique to the billboard barricade? Let us talk you through how an investment in plastic barricades can actually make you money over the long term.

(You can check out some of the other Stadiums and Arenas using the billboard barricade to manage pedestrian traffic in the link above.)

Popular Field Barricades

Our most popular sports barricade is the billboard barricade because of its versatility and display capability. It’s ideal for on-field use or crowd management. If you have already invested in metal barricades, our plastic to metal adapter makes it possible to create a secure connection between a steel barricade and a plastic one. This way, you can transition to plastic barricades while still making use of an inventory of steel fencing.

Note also that OTW barricades can be used at indoor sporting events too. Universities or organizations that host basketball, wrestling, indoor soccer, swimming, or other sports can utilize plastic barriers for a number of applications. Many of our clients use OTW barriers to facilitate lines, outline special sections, or to create a perimeter around the field of play.

Use Our Barricades For Your Next Sporting Event!

We’d love to help you find the perfect field barricades for your next event. Browse our products or give us a call with any questions.

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