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Plastic Barricade Adapter

CC Adapter – Aluminum Construction, Easy to Install, Secure Connection
Crowd Control Adaptor Connecting Steel and Plastic Barricade

Metal To Plastic Barricade Adapter

We realize many of our customers have made a significant investment in steel barricades and replacing all of them at once might not be feasible. This is why we designed a metal to plastic barricade adapter to pair the Billboard Barricade with older steel barricades. Our plastic barricade adapter helps organizations make use of all their barricades and replenish their inventory over time as steel products degrade.

The Barricade Adapter will quickly and easily connect to any adjacent steel crowd control product and is designed to require only minimal hardware (simple wrench or ratchet). The method of installation also helps prevent unwanted tampering with barricades during an event.

Metal vs. Plastic Barricades

If you are looking to buy crowd control barricades, there are many options to choose from. Metal barricades and plastic billboard barricades are two of the most popular options. However, a comparison between metal and plastic barricades shows that plastic barricades are more durable, stable, efficient, and safe. If you have already made an investment in metal barricades, OTW Safety’s adapter is the perfect solution. This small, aluminum piece makes it easy to create a continuous wall using both types of barricades!


  • Connects the Billboard Barricade to any steel barricade
  • Constructed from high quality aluminum
  • Quick and easy connection for simple installation
  • One-year manufacturing defect warranty
  • Designed to last a minimum of eight years



  • Silver


  • Aluminum Construction



  • Length: 36 in / cm
  • Diameter: 1.25 in / cm


  • Width: 3.5 in


  • Total: 11.1 oz



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