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3 Reasons Why Your Site Needs A Construction Safety Fence

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Construction workers put their well-being on the line to provide necessary repairs, installations, and other services for their community. OTW believes that worker safety is of the utmost importance, which is why we design our construction safety fence equipment to provide high safety, privacy, durability, and ease of use. In fact, OTW Safety has a long history of partnering with companies with unique challenges, such as airports with AOA fencing to keep their workers safe. Whether you’re at an airport, highway, or other area, here is a closer look at the top 3 reasons why your site needs a construction safety fence:

A Construction Safety Fence Provides More Safety

Safety is key when it comes to construction sites. Barricades and fences have been shown to reduce severe collisions, limit drivers from entering work areas or injuring workers, and prevent pedestrians from accidentally entering construction zones. Construction safety fences can be easily integrated with plastic barricades to provide even more protection. Plastic barricades are typically made of high-density plastics to withstand bad weather and collisions. They also have higher visibility due to their bright colors; drivers often have a much harder time seeing a gray concrete barrier. Adding a safety fence on top of a plastic barricade provides even more visibility and increased effectiveness at dealing with busy pedestrian or traffic causeways than barricades alone. Also, as our own manufacturer, OTW Safety can work with clients for their specific needs, whether it is reflective sheeting, gates, or custom barricades.

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A Construction Safety Fence Provides More Privacy

Because construction safety fences stand 8 feet and 6 inches tall when installed with plastic barriers, they also provide increased privacy for workers. Mesh coverings can be added to the fence to both limit distractions and to prevent debris from entering or exiting the construction site. Fences also have crowd controlling properties because they direct pedestrians away from the site. This is beneficial for adding privacy and for limiting danger to pedestrians and workers. Given their height, construction safety fences are nearly impossible to jump or climb over, so the possibility of accidents is much lower. Also, in cases where it is needed, fence paneling can be adapted to include other deterrents such as barbed wire to increase site security.

A Construction Safety Fence Provides a Marketing Opportunity

Once you know safety standards are met, every company has to think about budget. Luckily, you can have both. Custom logos or names can be specially printed onto mesh coverings or scrim panels for construction safety fences, making them a great way to brand and market your company while also protecting your workers. Safety fences are seen by many pedestrians and/or cars, especially in urban areas. This presents an excellent opportunity to advertise your construction company to the world.

OTW’s Construction Safety Fences Are Durable and Easy to Install

OTW’s Barricade Fence Panels are made with galvanized steel pipes and square tubing to provide lasting durability. Clamps at the base of the panel attach to the post supports to make installation quick and painless. Additionally, the fence can be easily taken apart, making it highly portable and suitable for reuse at multiple construction site locations. They are also easy to stack and store when not in use.

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At OTW Safety, we take our obligation to design, produce, and supply quality products seriously. For construction sites, we offer longitudinal channelizing devices (LCDs), jersey barricades, barricade fence panels, low-profile barricades, and a new vehicle-pedestrian gate adapter kit. We also work with a number of other industries such as the airport, traffic, crowd control, restaurant, and school sectors. Contact us today to learn more about how our barricades and safety solutions can benefit your construction or work site.