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Which light is right for your [airport] project site?

An airport light a day helps keep the skies safe.

OTW has been in the safety business for a long time, so we know exactly what it takes to help keep airport runways and construction sites safe and compliant with FAA regulations. One type of safety equipment, in particular, is instrumental in brightening up the night and providing hazard awareness on an airfield: lights.

OTW carries three types of airport lights that can be used to help indicate where construction is taking place or to guide pilots in to land at night (among other things). These are the rotating airport beacon, the lighted X runway marker, and the OTW barricade hazard lights. So which light might be right for your project site?

Airport hazard lights are the perfect safety accessory.

Let’s start with the tried-and-true: our newly redesigned airport hazard light.

These barricade accessories are perfect for attaching to our airport barricades to help illuminate any area in need of [red] light. The threaded base means that it is quick and easy to install, while the pre-installed batteries (that charge during the day thanks to the high-efficiency solar panel) ensure give an incredible lifespan.

While this is not a standalone LED hazard light, its versatility, advanced light technology, and long battery lifespan make it an ideal choice for many applications that include barricades. Banicki Construction, for example, found their perfect site light in the airport hazard light. They regularly use them at night construction sites and find their auto-on feature especially helpful when it’s dark out.

Because the barricade lights charge when the sun is up and turn on automatically when it goes down, less labor is required to set up and maintain them, making them a win-win. They’re also great for use on and around runways when attached to our 10” low-profile airport barricades to notify pilots of any hazards they may need to avoid.

Banner image featuring product shot of OTW Safety Airport Hazard Light. On the left, the full product is shown, with a lit LED lamp. On the right, the same shot is zoomed in showing the details of the light. The text reads: Airport Hazard Light, Surface mount technology (SMT) Pre-installed re-chargeable batteries Solar powered red LED light Advanced light diffusion technology

Find your way with the airport rotating beacon light.

Our rotating airport beacon is an incredible feat of engineering and design – its low maintenance and high efficiency all rolled into one. The high-beam LED bulbs reduce energy consumption by up to 75% compared to a traditional halide bulb; this makes them a money-saver and helps reduce your carbon footprint.

These LED rotating beacons are most commonly used to help pilots identify airports, military bases, hospitals, and heli-pads – the color of light and frequency of flashes indicates what type of runway is being approached. With the three types of rotating beacon lights we carry, however, you have the option of a number of colored bulbs that can be used in multiple ways.

You might use a standard white lamp for general lighting or choose an amber lamp for excellent warning signals. The rotating beacon for airports, specifically, features green bulbs that are well-known from the sky. Need an incredibly durable, bright LED lamp to light up your location? The airport rotating beacon light might be the choice for you.

Banner image featuring product shot of OTW Safety Airport Beacon Light in International Orange. On the left, the full product is shown. On the right, the same shot is zoomed in showing the details of the airport beacon light. The text reads: Rotating Airport Beacon Light, Exceeds FAA ETL compliance standards High efficienct LED lamp Reduce power consumption up to 75% Patented belt-drive system ensures less maintenance.

Be delighted by the lighted X runway closure marker.

Once its trailer is parked and the five-minute setup (easily done by one person) complete, the lighted X runway closure marker stands tall and proud to help indicate to pilots that a runway is closed. Clearly visible as a giant “X” in daylight and in the dark, the lighted X is easy to use and easy to see from miles away. Its compact trailer makes it easy to transport, while the durable powder-coating helps withstand the elements.

Airports across the country have chosen this runway closure marker for their runways, as its 50,000-hour LED lifespan means that maintenance is low and the need for bulb replacement is even lower. The Dublin Airport (pictured below) found their perfect site light when they chose the lighted X to close runways under construction or renovation; as this is exactly what it’s designed for, the runway closure marker worked perfectly for them!

Banner image featuring product shot of Lighted X Runway Closure Marker. On the left, the full product is shown. On the right, the same shot is zoomed in showing the details of the lighted x. The text reads: Lighted C Runway Closure Marker, Ultra quiet diesel engine 50,000-hour LED lifespan Highly directional lights Powder coated to resist the elements Full deployment by one person takes less than 5 minutes.

Three airport lights, endless possibilities.

Whether you need a flashing or steady red light to alert individuals to hazards on the taxiway or around active construction sites, want to upgrade your location lighting, or require something more specific for runway closures, OTW has got you covered.

OTW Safety is known for durable and reliable safety products, and each of the airport lights that we carry are the best out there. Need help deciding on your perfect site light or are ready for a quote? Contact our team of safety experts today!