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Vehicle AND PEDESTRIAN Gate Adapter

Temporary Site Access Point

Custom Full Perimeter Security, Easy Installation
Vehicle Gate Barricade Adapter


Add extra security and privacy to any site with our new Vehicle and Pedestrian Gate Adapter Kit  to create custom security access points.  Designed to integrate with our OTW Barricades.

Events and worksites are not static spaces— there are constantly moving parts. Whether it is a concert or a construction area, no one has time to be moving barricades every time a person or vehicle needs to exit or enter an area of the site. However, simply leaving gaps in barricades is not a safe or secure option either. That is why we are proud to introduce our newest accessory: the Vehicle and Pedestrian Gate Adapter Kit. Adaptable to all of our barricades, this kit ensures the seamless integration of a pedestrian or vehicle gate at any point along a line of our barricades. Temporary Entry Control Points or temporary site access points pose security and safety challenges, the Vehicle and Pedestrian Gate Adapter helps address these challenges with a flexible solution for all stakeholders.

Design your custom perimeter solutioN

This Vehicle and Pedestrian Gate Adapter Kit is meant to integrate seamlessly as a full perimeter solution with our OTW barricades and Fence Panels.  Temporary site gates can be created in conjunction with our OTW32”LCD and OTW42” LCD barricades, as well as our MB32”x72” JSS Barricades. Fence screens are also available for increased privacy and security and can also be customized with your own logo or design.

At OTW we listen to our customers and their need for innovation and adaptability. That is why our Vehicle and Pedestrian Gate Adapter can be paired with multiple barricades as well as different gate sizing. Easily convert our accessory into a smaller pedestrian access point or by pairing two gates together you can create an access point that is large enough for semi trucks.

OTW safety gate adapter kit. base plate under barricade
OTW safety perimeter solution gate adapter base plate under barricade


Easy to pair with any of our barricades, this accessory is a base plate that slides under the barricade, with an attached support pipe and clamp hinges to hold your gate. It can be placed so the gate can open on whichever side you choose, and will be securely held by the barricade when ballasted with water.

Custom gate sizing is available. Please connect with us for your specific security/site needs.


  • Construction site gates or temporary fence gates for private events, festivals or city events
  • Full perimeter security for construction site safety and security


Adapter Kit Components:

  • Base Plate
  • Support Pipe

Gate Hardware Components

  • Clamp Hinges
  • Premium Castor Wheel
  • Necessary Hardware


Adapter Base Plate

  • Height: 3″
  • Length: 20″
  • Width: 25″

Two drainage holes keep the base plate dry, eliminating standing water.

Support Pipe

  • Height: 96″’
  • Width: 2″

Assembled Vehicle Gate & Gate Adapter

  • Height: 8’6”
  • Length: 10′

Can be constructed to open on either side of a OTW42″ LCD barricade.

Optional Bundle

  • Purchase with 8’x10′ gate
Vehicle Gate Barricade Adapter
Bundle: Adapter & Gate
OTW perimeter access point gate adapter
Base Plate
OTW perimiter solution gate adapter kit base plate
Base Plate Featuring Drainage Holes
OTW Safety Vehicle and Pedestrian Gate Adapter
Gate+Adapter+Barricade+Fence Panel

compatible with


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