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Construction Barricades

OTW plastic construction barricades enhance safety around construction sites and keep pedestrians and vehicles out of hazardous zones. With all the building and construction projects happening in cities all over the country we are hearing from customers who need effective channelizing within limited spaces. These water filled barriers are the perfect solution.
OTW 42" Jersey Shape Barricade and Fence Panel Barricades lined up on a construction site in San Diego, CA.

Plastic Construction Barricades are Great for Job Sites

OTW construction barricades are lightweight and easy to position so depending on the application they can often be faster to deploy than concrete barricades. The more clearly perimeters are defined around job sites the less confusion they cause for drivers and pedestrians. Our barricades are brightly colored and because they nest, they form a continuous line that is treated like a wall by drivers. 

Our water filled barriers allow for easy installation of additional accessories such as fence panels and fence privacy screens as well as our new Vehicle Gate or Pedestrian Gate Adapter. Together our water filled barriers and accessories provide full perimeter solutions to any temporary site.

The Texas Transportation Institute has actually conducted a study on this topic.They compared traditional channelizing devices like cones and drums to longitudinal channelizing devices like the Jersey Shape LCD.

The report titled, “Studies to Determine the Effectiveness of Longitudinal Channelizing Devices in Work Zones,” shows the results of a drivers ability to successfully navigate a work zone when LCD’s are used in comparison to the use of traditional channelizing devices. The results showed that drivers were less confused because the LCD’s provided more path guidance information over the traditional channelizing devices used in the study. In fact, “Participants preferred the LCD treatments to the all drum treatments.”

Check out the report here: Studies to determine the effectiveness of longitudinal channelizing devices in work zones.

Researchers recommended the use of LCDs on both tapers and tangents in the immediate vicinity of exit ramps when a high number of deliberate intrusions into work zones to access the exit ramp are expected or have occurred. The use of LCDs at both the tapers and tangents of exit ramps should drastically reduce the number of deliberate intrusions into work zones.

In Construction zones that are not surrounded by high speed traffic we have a few other plastic barricade options – both still lightweight and easy to deploy, both able to be ballasted with water or sand to prevent movement. Our 32-inch and 42-inch jersey shape construction barricades are incredibly durable and can be deployed just about anywhere. They both support a 5-foot tall barricade fence panel that can function to keep debris from escaping and pedestrians from entering. Mesh screening (branded with logos or left plain) can also be added to the fence panels for added privacy. We’ve noticed, especially in big cities that paying attention to the aesthetics of a job site can bring applause from neighbors and often, referral business. And now with our new Vehicle Gate Adapter Kit you we can help you create a full custom perimeter security solution for any construction site. 

We’ve been molding water-filled barricades for over two decades now, so we know the ins and outs of job requirements and which barricade will suit your needs the best. We know contractors are busy people so if we can help you or your procurement team get your safety requirements in place, give us a call.