At OTW Safety community ties are an integral component of our business. Since 1989 when the company was founded we have been dedicated to carrying out charitable work in all of the markets we serve, especially our hometown, Salt Lake City.

Southern Utah Calls: The Hurricane Mountain Bike Fest

An annual event that welcomes mountain bike enthusiasts to the front gates of spectacular Southern Utah scenic trails, the Hurricane Mountain Bike Festival doesn’t disappoint. The OTW crew headed south to the community of Hurricane, Utah with a truckload of crowd control barricades and mountain bikes to set up the event and gear up for

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landscape view of southern utah

Team OTW at The Hurricane Mountain Bike Fest

On a sunny weekend at the end of March the OTW crew and a few hundred other mountain biking aficionados gathered in a little town in Southern Utah called Hurricane. On the outskirts of St. George, Hurricane boasts world-class mountain biking trails along with incredible natural surroundings and wide open views of the desert. If

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OTW Crowd Barricades at Night on Commonwealth" src="/Websites/otwsafety/images/blog/OTW_Crowd_Barricades_Night_on_Commonwealth_2017_0020.jpg" class="fr-draggable

OTW Safety at Night on Commonwealth

Summer is event season at OTW Safety. Just down the street from our offices at Night on Commonwealth there were live local bands, beat boy dancers, artists selling their wares, food trucks and of course, a bar with wine, beer, and Dented Brick Distillery cocktails! Our colorful crowd barricades and signage were put to good

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OTW early barricade design" src="/Websites/otwsafety/images/blog/OTW-early-barricade-US-skiing-lg.jpg" class="fr-draggable

Building a Business and Supporting the Community Along the Way

When Marc founded his company, Off the Wall Products, in 1989, he was adamant about doing things differently. Besides producing superior products, he was committed to helping grow cool charities and non-profits. Today OTW Safety has ambassadors in more than 10 major cities, from San Diego to Miami, and is still dedicated to carrying out

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