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OTW Safety’s Equipment in Action at Provo, UT Municipal Airport

Safety First Reducing Common Hazards on Construction Sites

With jet planes whizzing in and out, millions of passengers daily, and the workers that keep it all running, it’s no surprise airports need very specific equipment at high standards of safety. Here at OTW Safety, we love partnering with airports to get them the barricades, markers, and whatever else they need to keep them operating as smoothly as possible.

Even smaller airports like the Provo Municipal Airport in Utah have to follow certain regulations, and OTW was happy to work with Wadsworth Construction to meet their needs and provide the proper equipment. With flights operating to 5 major airports, as well as numerous flight trainings, there is still a lot going on at this airport. What’s more, Provo Municipal Airport broke ground in 2019 on a new $40 million terminal. As this airport is growing, they are putting the safety of their workers, passengers, and students first.

The Importance of Airport Safety

When you see low profile barricades at an airport, they may seem familiar, but they haven’t always been the standard. It’s taken years of innovation and refinement to get to those bright orange barricades, and OTW Safety is proud that ours even exceed FAA requirements.

We knew that innovating our plastic low-profile barricades was a necessary step in airport safety. Serious accidents have occurred at airports in active areas, between aircraft, pedestrians, and contractor vehicles. With so many moving elements, along with strong jet blasts, weather, and possible debris, it’s especially important that these barricades meet very strict requirements.

Provo Municipal Airport

With high traffic and flight training for so many people, not to mention a city of over 40,000 people, Provo’s airport had to come up with some way to control the large amounts of traffic that are flying in and out of their facility. Once again, with all of this activity, safety is an absolute must.

OTW Safety was able to provide several solutions.: Our AR10x96 Low-Profile Barricades, ARL Dual-Mode Solar Hazard Lights, and a Vinyl X Closure Marker. With all the proper equipment to keep everyone safe, the Provo Municipal Airport was able to build a new Apron with taxiway connectors for a new terminal building and a new Deice-Pad! For an airport that is 10 times smaller than the much larger Washington National Airport, they are keeping up with the ever-changing technology of today’s air travel, and with a new terminal on the horizon, they’re blazing ahead.

OTW barricades and lights delineating a safe path for contractors’ vehicles

We Provide the Equipment

As our own manufacturer, here at OTW Safety, we’re able to make sure our products meet and often exceed federal regulations. Here are some must-have features of the equipment like the Provo Municipal Airport utilized:

OTW Safety’s Solar Lights, brightly visible during dark hours

Low-profile Airport Barricades (AR10x96)

  • UV-resistant High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), a superior grade of plastic made to resist wear from stress and weather conditions.

  • Connection pins are integrated into design which secures low-profile airport barricades together without extra hardware

  • Reflective sheeting now factory-attached with adhesive, eliminating the use of bolts, further reducing FOD

hazard warning light switches between steady burn and flashing states

ARL Dual-Mode Solar Hazard Lights

  • Manual switch to change state from steady-burn to off to flashing

  • Solar-powered battery charges in sunlight

  • Charged light automatically turns on when ambient light falls below 60 lux

  • Battery: 1.2v, Sub-C Class, NiMH, 2200 mAh

  • Temperature Range: -4°F to +149°F / -20°C to +65°C

  • Water and dust resistant to IP65 standard

OTW Safety’s Vinyl X Closure Marker at Provo Municipal Airport, UT

Vinyl X Closure Marker

  • Heavy duty, weather resistant and tear resistant

  • Easy to place

  • Highly visible in all weather and light conditions

Our Ongoing Commitment to Airport Safety

At OTW Safety, we love our work and being able to come up with creative solutions. It gives us great satisfaction to see how grateful airports are when they realize we can help with almost any of their needs. We have worked with airports for over 20 years and have supplied them with safety equipment that is durable, reliable, and is to the highest of standards. OTW offers several barricades and accessories that are designed specifically for airports. We were even recently featured in an article for the industry-leading magazine, Airport Improvement, which outlined our work with the recent reconstruction project at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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Here at OTW Safety, we don’t just sell high-quality airport barricades— we design and manufacture them ourselves. This means we are able to make sure all equipment meets or exceeds industry standards, and can provide the most competitive pricing. All of our products are made here in the USA, and in our commitment to sustainability, all our barricades are 100% recyclable. Let us help you find a solution for you, and Contact Us Here.

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