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Lighted X Runway Closure Marker

RCM D – Diesel Generator, 5-Minute Set-up, LED Light Fixtures

Lighted X Runway Closure Marker on airport tarmac

The Lighted X Runway Closure Marker is a lighted visual aid for indicating to airplane pilots that an airport runway is closed. Designed and certified in accordance with FAA requirements, its flashing lights can be seen both day and night from miles away, clearly discernible as a giant “X” and distinguishable from other lighted visual devices used at airports, signifying that the runway is not open for landings. The Lighted X trailer is easy to transport, and can be deployed by one person in less than five minutes.

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The “X” shape comprises nine lights on four independent arms and a mast. When deployed, the mast tilts upward to nearly vertical, and the “X” is centered at the top of the mast. For transport and storage, the mast tilts downward and the arms pivot together. The entire assembly lies flat when stowed, held in place by support brackets and lock-pins.

Each arm includes five high-efficiency LED light fixtures and an additional four monitor lamps rear. LEDs provide highly directional light distribution, resulting in high luminosity and low power consumption.

System power is provided by batteries, which are charged continuously by a diesel engine. The system can run continuously for more than a week without intervention or refueling, and the batteries continue to power the lights if the engine shuts down.

A weather-resistant enclosure houses the power system and has two side doors for easy access. A hinged top panel provides greater access when maintenance is required. The side doors may be opened while the maintenance panel is raised. An optional secondary-containment system protects against fluid leaks, spills, and drips.



  • Compact trailer is easy to maneuver
  • Torsion axle provides smooth ride and reduces stress on components
  • Cradles with locking pins hold display arms in place during transport


  • Heavy-duty hand-winch allows one person to easily raise and lower “X” assembly
  • Lock-pins hold the assembly in place during operation
  • Full deployment by one person takes less than five minutes


  • Fully enclosed steel equipment-bay protects controls, engine, and other components from the elements
  • Two gull-wing doors with handles and latches provide access to controls, fuel tank, engine, and electronics
  • Locking door handles protect equipment bay from unauthorized access
  • Control panel features elapsed hour meter, engine indicator lights, and brightness-selection switch
  • Manually activated high-power operating mode melts ice from lights


  • High-efficiency LED lights provide bright, highly directional light
  • Lights are instant-on and immediately at full intensity
  • Flashing front-facing lights are visible for miles, day or night, even in poor weather
  • Flashing rear-facing indicator lights allow operator to see the equipment is operating

Power system

  • Ultra-quiet industrial diesel engine, 3-cylinder and water-cooled
  • Energy-efficient operation results in extraordinarily long run times
  • Engine properly sized for low-wattage load of high-efficiency LED lights
  • Engine size prevents wet stacking, ensuring higher efficiency and no waste
  • Extra-large polypropylene fuel tank shows fuel-level at a glance, no need for fuel gauge
  • Fuel tank has wide filler neck for convenience
  • Automatic engine-shutdown system protects engine from damage due to low oil pressure and high coolant temperature
  • Batteries continue to power lights after engine fuel runs out


  • 50,000-hour LED lifespan reduces maintenance by virtually eliminating the need for replacement
  • Hinged maintenance panel provides unimpeded access to engine, generator and electrical components
  • Durable powder-coat finish resists the elements
  • Standard trailer tires
  • Heavy-duty bolt-on steel fenders can be replaced if damaged


  • Lighted visual indication of temporary closure of airport runway
  • Can also be used for airport taxiways


Temperature Limits (Operating)

  • 0 to 140°F (–18 to 60°C) on engine power
  • –40 to 140°F (–40 to 60°C) on shore power
  • Inquire about additional cold-weather options

Temperature Limits (Storage)

  • –40 to 185°F (–40 to 85°C)

Humidity Limits

  • Conformal coating rated to 95% relative humidity

Wind Load

  • Exceeds FAA requirements for minimum wind speed

Run Time

  • With engine, approximately 140 hours + of continuous operation on one tank of fuel
  • On batteries only, after engine shutdown, up to 24 hours depending on battery condition


Certified for use at FAA-regulated airports in accordance with the following documents of the US Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration:

  • FAA AC 150/5345-55A, “Specification for L-893, Lighted Visual Aid to Indicate Temporary Runway Closure”
  • FAA EB67D, “Light Sources Other Than Incandescent and Xenon For Airport and Obstruction Lighting Fixtures”
  • FAA AC 150/5345-53D, “Airport Lighting Equipment Certification Program”
  • FAA Addendum to AC 150/5345-53D