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Types of Safety Barricades

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At OTW Safety, we design and build many different types of barricades for a wide variety of commercial applications. Our barricades are engineered to be used outdoors and are designed to handle any significant inclement weather. We have barricades that are designed for very specific operating environments as well as multi-purpose barriers that can be used for more general applications. Here, we’ll discuss the different types of barricades made by OTW Safety and some of the inherent advantages to our unique designs.

Airport Barricades

Airport barricades play an extremely important role in airport safety. They primarily warn pilots of hazardous construction zones to prevent accidents, and they identify unsafe areas to ground personnel operating vehicles. Our airport safety products include low-profile and mid-profile barricades, solar flashing or steady burn hazard lights, the low-profile airport delineator, and hazard marker flags. Our products are designed to meet the needs of both large and small airports while setting the benchmark and exceeding FAA compliance standards.

Crowd Control

OTW Safety crowd control barriers come in a range of colors to make them more visible and/or to match the look of your unique venue. Our barriers are lightweight and stackable, which makes them easy to set up during your event and store when not in use. They’re designed to interlock to form a continuous wall, and can even be bolted to any existing steel barricades you might be using. Lastly, our billboard barricades can even generate revenue while managing your crowds. You can rent out ad space to paying vendors or add them to your sponsorship offerings. Or you can include your own branded material to custom barriers. OTW prints high-quality ads on highly weather-resistant material, so over a short time, your barricade investment can actually pay you back and begin generating revenue on its own!


Traffic barricades, often used in highway construction zones, are responsible for the safety of both construction workers, motorists, and first responders using the highway. Our high-density polyethylene (HDPE) barricades can be arranged to form an uninterrupted line of delineation to help drivers navigate non-standard road conditions –– often found in construction zones.

These barricades are superior to traditional concrete barricades or cones and drums for several reasons. Because they can be made in bright colors, HDPE barricades are much more visible, especially in bad weather or at night and have been proven to enhance driver situational awareness and reaction time during an emergency. As with all of our barricades, our roadway barricades are lightweight and easy to transport and store but once in place, can be filled with water to become a safe, well tested, longitudinal channelizing device (LCD).

Our barriers can be made even more visible with reflective sheeting, and they have the ability to support external lighting. Finally, our HDPE barricades are safer for motorists than concrete barriers in the event of a collision and have undergone rigorous testing to ensure the highest safety standards are met.

Event Barricades

Barricades are an important component for any event. Our interlocking plastic barriers are perfect for indoor or outdoor events and are often used to mark off ticket lines, VIP areas, etc. Our Billboard Barricades can even pay for themselves when outfitted with custom barricade signs, which can feature event sponsors, information, or upcoming events. Some of our most common requests are for concert barricades and go-kart barricades. If you’re interested in getting barricades for your next event, we can even help you design your event layout.

Force Protection

Designed to protect military installations worldwide as well as other government facilities, our King Tut Barricades are built to stand up to the harshest environments and treatment. We even tested them against gunfire and found them to provide excellent blast and secondary fragmentation protection. They can be deployed quickly and can weigh up to 2,800 lbs when ballasted with water, making them a significant obstacle for vehicle-borne threats.

Our force protection barricades can also be deployed without the need of heavy machinery or a large number of personnel. Using our Force Protection barricades makes implementing a base or installation barrier plan far simpler than depending on traditional concrete solutions.


Our multi-purpose barricades do not hold a road safety impact rating, but are designed to support construction or unique environments with versatility in mind. These highly-portable barricades can be moved quickly and easily for perimeter delineation, entry control points, crowd control, construction sites, and parking areas. These barricades can be ballasted with water, with resultant weights of 375-1900 pounds, depending on the model.

OTW Barricades

Our barricades are a durable, practical alternative to concrete barricades in just about any commercial application, and present several distinct advantages to traditional barricades. Whether you’re looking for a barrier that matches your building or event’s distinct character, pays you back with an opportunity for advertising revenue, or can be deployed quickly for greater versatility, the barricades from OTW Safety provide the optimal solution in any environment.

Contact us today for a tailored quote for your operational needs and let our knowledgeable team demonstrate why OTW Safety should be your first and only barricade provider.