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Go-Kart Barricades

OTW Safety has been an industry leader in go-kart track barricades since 1993. Our barricades offer the safety and visibility necessary for go kart activities and help ensure your guests have a great time. Designed to have a minimum useful life of eight years, our low profile barricades are high quality and withstand impact. If you need help designing your track or finding the right go-kart barriers, give us a call at (801) 363-7740.

Race Track Barricades

We design karting barriers for temporary, permanent, indoor, and outdoor applications. Customers who have switched to our signature plastic barricades have seen benefits like increased safety, less vehicle damage, easier installation, and more compact storage.


Safety is our #1 concern, especially with high-speed activities like go-karting. Impact resistance is the key to decreasing injuries and vehicle damage. Our 24-inch low-profile barricades link securely together to form a continuous wall and create a clearly delineated track. The strong, flexible material can withstand heavy use, weather, and impact.

Clear Delineation

A clearly marked go-kart track is another important element in keeping participants safe. Our plastic go-kart track barricades are designed to be extremely visible in any application. Our race track barriers come in bright orange and white and we take custom color orders as well.

Our 24-inch barricades are easy to see over but can be ballasted to weigh as much as 375 pounds when filled with 30 gallons of water. If a track needs to be altered, ballasted barricades can be moved with a forklift or emptied and moved by hand.

Easy to Install

Because our track barriers are molded from high-density polyethylene, they are lightweight and easy to position before being filled with sand or water. The interior design of the barricade creates a balance between stability and weight allowing for a great deal of versatility. Metal or tire track barriers don’t provide the same easy installation or mobility.

Recommended Go-Kart Barricades

Left angled view of single, white OTW safety barricade

24" Low-Profile Barricade

The AR24x96 barricade is our most popular product for go-kart tracks. It's made from UV-resistant High Density Polyethylene and weights only 35 pounds when empty, but up to 375 pounds when ballasted with water! The built-in interlocking pins make it easy to create a continuous wall.

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Who knew low-profile airport barricades were the perfect solution for go-kart tracks? Well, we kinda did! Need help ordering for a track? Call us!