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7 Tried & True School Fundraising Ideas

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As long as schools have existed, so has the need to fund them. In more recent times, this has been accomplished through school fundraisers. While new ways of raising money come up all the time, some utilizing social media and new technology, we are going to focus on some tried-and-true school fundraising ideas communities can depend on. These events have delivered positive returns for schools across the country, and they can help your school garner key financial support from members of your community. These are our top 7 picks: 

Trivia Night

Holding a trivia night (or quiz night) at your school is a fantastic way to solicit support from parents, alumni, and other figures in your community. Trivia nights are relatively inexpensive to put on and allow schools the chance to sell tables, raffle tickets, and raise money in return for the chance to win exciting prizes. 

Battle of the Bands

A classic high-school fundraiser, putting on a battle of the bands concert in your gym or in an open area on campus can be a great way to encourage kids to explore music while also raising money for your school. 

Live Theater

Generally speaking, most parents are very excited to see their child perform in a school play –– at least enough to spend a few bucks for the privilege. In fact, that enthusiasm may also extend to other family members and friends as well. 

Sports Camps

Sports camps allow high school coaches and staff to introduce themselves to kids who will be attending their schools in a few years, while also presenting a valuable fundraising opportunity.  

Bake Sale

Is there a more iconic school fundraiser than a bake sale? Probably not. Everyone loves delicious pies, cakes, and other treats. Bake sales are an excellent opportunity for people in your community to step up for your school, and can provide your organization with a significant boost. Note that you may also want to pair a bake sale with another event –– like field day, a homecoming, or graduation ceremony to maximize impact and participation. 

Car Wash

When students are willing to volunteer their time, schools are able to put on effective fundraisers like car washes. Car washes are easy to organize and cheap to set up. Just make sure to schedule it on a day with warm weather!


At OTW, we work with grade schools, high schools, and colleges from Montana to Florida on a regular basis. In fact, we often design and sell barricades for events just like the ones listed above. That’s why we’d like to take a quick moment to discuss sponsorship opportunities for schools. Since our plastic barriers are customizable, many schools use them to sell advertising and sponsorship space for local businesses. Businesses value the chance to activate their brands by placing ads in places like school fundraisers that directly engage potential customers. 
Schools can sell advertising space on barriers to businesses at events like sporting events, festivals, picnics, trivia nights, auctions, and formal school ceremonies. This is a great way schools can get vital funding from local companies, while small businesses get the chance to support a good cause and advertise directly to consumers in their area. It really can be a win-win for all involved. 
Schools can also take advantage of the ability to swap the signage on barriers in response to each event. Each barrier sign is completely removable, so you can simply swap out sponsor signs for each different event you host. There’s no need to worry about ordering a new barricade each time — simply contact us to describe your signage needs and we’ll have a custom sponsorship sign ready for you right away.

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>Our team at OTW understands how important school fundraising events are, and we have a long history of working with educators to provide safe, effective barriers to ensure they go off without a hitch. Our customizable barriers are versatile, durable, and cost-effective. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your school or university!