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Crowd Barricades at FestForums 2024


Welcome back to FestForums!

We had a great time, once again, at this year’s FestForums conference. But what exactly is FestForums?

According to their website, FestForums is “the B2B (business to business) live gathering of festival producers, organizers, and industry leaders to learn and network all in one place. The conference includes various panels, exhibitors, awards, concerts, and parties galore presented in a relaxing convivial environment”. Essentially, it’s the premier festival conference for the industry.

As a leader in the safety industry, OTW attends as an expert in premier event barricades for arenas, festivals, concerts, and more across the USA. Add in our professional event production services, and we’re even more at home. We’re a long-term participant of FestForums! We’ve been attending since 2014 and can’t wait for the years to come.

No barriers for event barriers

This year, as our second year sponsoring the conference, we provided a full pallet of royal blue crowd barricades and custom signage featuring the new FestForums logo, our logo, and Sparks rescue signage for a PuppiesPalooza event.

You could find our event barricades throughout the conference, all placed with purpose and precision. 

Two barricades were used specifically to provide directional signage (and to display our sponsor logo) between the Mar Monte Hotel and the SoHo Restaurant and Music Club. These two crowd control barriers helped direct guests and were easily moved when needed.

In the Mar Monte parking lot courtyard, barriers for pedestrian safety lined the sidewalk that ran parallel to the road. This wall of safety barriers kept pedestrians, bikes, and passing vehicles safe from collisions. They also ran interference as passive crowd control for conference attendees and helped keep guests where they were supposed to be.

Adding to the fun this year, Spark Dog Rescue set up their little adoptable cuties within a larger walking area, referred to as PuppiesPalooza. Ensconced in their wire enclosures within a circle of crowd barricades, the puppies were safe as could be and easy to see!

Custom signage makes crowd control barriers shine.

OTW doesn’t just manufacture stunning barricades for event safety; we’ll custom print the signage to go along with them too.

This year, the brand new FestForums event logo was displayed throughout the conference on our Billboard Barricades, along with our very own logo and QR code as event sponsors.

Along with both logos, PuppiesPalooza by Spark Dog Rescue was featured on their very own signage mounted to the event barriers surrounding the rescue activation area. The bright teal background with crisp white lettering caught eyes, while the puppies themselves captured hearts.

Experts on crowds and barricades for event safety.

A lot goes in to planning successful events and OTW is proud to be a part of that for so many. At FestForums, we got the best of both worlds. We were able to learn (and teach!) more about safety in the festival industry, all while sponsoring the conference with the very crowd barricades we recommend for events of all sizes.

We were honored to be a part of this year’s FestForums and can’t wait to see how we can bring awareness to the importance of festival safety in the years to come!

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