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Which Safety Barrier Fence is Right for You?

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Whether you are setting up for an event, directing a crowd, or simply trying to keep the public safe, utilizing the right, reliable safety barrier fence is extremely important. Not only do they help avoid chaos and confusion, but they help by keeping people from getting hurt. That being said, there are several different types of safety fences to choose from, and the kind you usewill depend on the actual situation they are needed for. Luckily, there’s one for nearly every sort of circumstance; it’s only a matter of determining which one is right for you.

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Crowd Control Barriers

Plastic crowd control barricades are a great safety barrier option for most events. It acts as a sort of “jack-of-all-trades” as far as safety barriers are concerned, being both lightweight enough to easily move around and set up, while also strong enough to act as a deterrent that is more durable than a mesh barrier may be. These are among the most versatile barriers at your disposal, being used for things like assisting event coordinators to manage large crowds, and maintaining organized lines at events like concerts, carnivals, and sporting events. They can also be used when dealing with traffic, much like heavier barrier options, for both directing and designating parking in temporary parking locations like in dirt or grass.

With OTW Safety’s billboard barricade, you can also easily customize signage for specific events— plus, these crowd control barricades come in a wide variety of different colors. So if branding is a company priority, you can really tailor your plastic barricades to fit your brand. Further, if you need an easy transition between indoor and outdoor usage, plastic is the way to go.

Lastly, consider storage space and mobility. If mobility is important but flat storage is a must, this is the right type of barricade. It’s light enough for one person to move around easily, plus the feet stack flat, so you can pack a lot of these barricades into a small space or into a truck bed.

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Steel Safety Barrier Fence

Another option for safety barrier fences that you’re probably used to seeing is a metal safety fence. For one, it is extremely durable, being made out of metal, allowing it to withstand harsh weather conditions. But not all metal barricades are made alike, galvanized metal barricades keep your barricades from needing to be replacement if rusting occurs. You can use these for any sort of outside events, such as at schools, sports, or when dealing with traffic. They also provide resilient crowd control for political gatherings, parades, or outside of stadiums where there are large amounts of people.

While plastic barriers can be ballasted with water or sand, steel safety barricades can be bolted to the ground with their flat feet laying as close to the ground as possible. This can improve their sturdiness in high winds. Like our crowd control barricades, our metal barricades can also be customized with signage for directions, branding or sponsors.

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Jersey Barriers & Longitudinal Channelizing Devices

For traffic control, there truly is no better option than these barricades. The design of these heavy-duty barriers was created to reduce harm for drivers and potential pedestrians in collisions. So if you have a large parking area or you need to direct traffic in high speed areas, using jersey barriers & LCDs is a must. Concrete barriers, while popular, can actually contribute to fatal accidents by redirecting vehicles back into active traffic. Plus, they’re very difficult to move and put into place! Traffic cones and drums are also popular, but often create confusion for drivers at normal traffic speeds as there are gaps between, rather than a continuous, connected line.

Traffic engineers and human factors professionals from Texas A&M concluded that gaps between drums or cones cause significant delays in driver response time. That’s why our traffic barricades connect to form a clear line of delineation so they are treated like a wall by drivers.

Special Cases

Of course, if you need barricades for your airport, for construction or for security, there are many barricade options available to you to fit your needs. Some of these include:

Closing Thoughts

Finding the right safety barrier fence depends on a number of factors, but there are several viable options available for nearly any sort of event or gathering. If you’re looking to get your own safety equipment, OTW Safety can provide you with everything you’ll need to properly manage a crowd and ensure the safety of those involved.

Interested in learning more about the best safety barrier fence for your needs? Let us know or give us a call at (801)-251-7065.

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