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Portable Safety Barrier Uses & Applications at Universities

School Barricades

Universities regularly host a wide range of different events and gatherings on their grounds. From football games to job fairs, college campuses are diverse, vibrant places with a lot going on. Portable barricades at universities can improve how administrators set up and organize extracurricular activities. In fact, the portable safety barrier is one of the most versatile resources that college administrators can utilize. Here we’ll take a look at a few ways that colleges use plastic portable barricades to facilitate event planning and manage the daily bustle around campus!

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Portable Barriers at Athletics Events

One of the most common reasons college administrators invest in portable barriers is for use at sporting events. Athletic departments use portable barricades to serve a number of purposes, including:

  • Crowd control at football, baseball, and soccer games.
  • Crowd control at indoor athletic events like wrestling matches, swimming meets, and basketball games.
  • Lining the end zone or sidelines at games.
  • To separate “away” fans from “home” fans.
  • To designate concession stand lines or limit access to areas that sell alcohol.
  • To display sponsor logos or school mascots.

Recently, Westminster College in Salt Lake City made the switch to plastic portable safety barriers to use at their athletic events. They also took advantage of the integrated display panel. OTW provided 60 signs with logos ranging from Pepsi to Adidas for the school –– along with directional signs for crowd management. OTW barricades are particularly useful for athletics departments because they’re safe, stable, and friendly to wooden floors and wrestling mats.

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Portable Safety Barrier Uses at Annual Events

Universities play host to a variety of events that occur on an annual or semi-annual basis. These events will often attract visitors who don’t attend the school or who are unfamiliar with the campus layout. Administrators can use portable barricades to:

  • Post directions for new students to follow during orientation.
  • Display signage to help parents or relatives navigate graduation ceremonies.
  • Manage extra foot traffic during a job fair or alumni gathering. 

OTW also offers customizable barrier designs. As such, universities can create unique barriers with their school colors, which may include messages or branded content.

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Portable Barrier Everyday Uses

Some of the largest college campuses are so big that they really function like small cities. Large universities may use portable barricades to advertise events to students, block off areas being landscaped or repaired, or manage crowds at special performances and lectures. The University of Michigan has 100 OTW barricades that they utilize on a regular basis around their campus. As a member of the Big Ten Conference, the University is no stranger to huge crowds. Other schools like the University of Washington use portable barricades in parking lots to designate reserved areas and limit access.

Benefits of Portable Barricades

The main advantage of portable barricades is, unsurprisingly, the ability to move them from one area to another with relative ease. Maintenance workers can stack barricades on the back of a Gator UTV and move them in and out of storage quickly. Because portable barricades can be rearranged easily, administrators have greater flexibility when planning events. Because they can be stacked flat with their feet folded in, they tend to take up less storage space than conventional steel barricades. 

When barricades are easy to set up and store, schools can invest in their own stock instead of relying on rental companies each time they host a large event.  

Learn More

At OTW, we manufacture our barricades ourselves and we take pride in our products. Not only are our barricades portable, but they’re also extremely durable. Colleges that purchase plastic barricades from us can expect to get years of quality use from them. Contact us to learn more or if you’re ready to order barricades for your University today. 

If you’re looking for more information on this subject, download our free resource “The Ultimate Guide to School Barricades” today: