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Back to School with Barricades!

Back to School with Barricades

Summer is coming to an end and we’re heading back to school!

Parents and school campuses alike might find themselves in a flurry of planning as they prepare for kids of all ages (college-aged too!) to return to class. Two things that are likely on the minds of all school planners as the season approaches are organization and safety. OTW is here to help with both… let’s look at some ways barricades can make a difference on campus!

Keep your campus organized.

The days leading up to the beginning of school can be chaotic; help keep your campus organized for back-to-school night with our trusty billboard barricades!

Paired with directional signage, these barricades can help direct parents and students alike in the correct direction, give them insight into important information, and help the day run smoothly. If picture day coincides with back-to-school night (or falls on a different day entirely), barricades can also be used as a queue indicator or as a divider to give the photographer(s) the space they need to do their jobs well.

Some schools, like University High School in Irvine, CA, use Billboard Barricades in a number of ways. Assistant Principal Lori Smock spoke about how their high school puts their barricades to use in an outdoor lunch line, which directs over two thousand students to the cafeteria from various parts of the school (see video below).

Creating a full queue allows students to know where to go without having to be told, expediting the journey to the cafeteria and ensuring that students have enough time to receive and eat their food during that period. While this is a one-way line, a two-way system could also be put into place in busy hallways to help avoid crowd crush and traffic jams as students race to their next class!

Create confidence on large campuses.

One of the most difficult things about starting at a new school is not knowing where to go! Pair that with not knowing anyone (and heaven forbid having to ask for directions), and new students might find themselves in a bind during their first days on a new campus.

Barricades with attached directional signage can be an effective way to direct new and old students alike to the correct path – arrows and/or helpful verbiage can make a big difference in the confidence an individual feels when navigating their school!

Another bonus to using barricades and directional signage is that it can help show parents that security and safety really matter to your school. Sending a child off day after day can be nerve-wracking for some parents, so every detail that shows care and consideration to them and their child(ren) can make a world of difference in how a parent feels about the place they are entrusting their little (or big!) ones to every day.

Game time is for everyone.

Some campuses have large fields and/or areas that they use regularly for sports and PE classes, but sometimes those large spaces can be too big, especially if students are on the younger side. Separating sections of a field for PE can help create order between activities and contain any wayward balls if they are being used.

Creating smaller spaces on school fields or in parking lots for recess can ensure that children are safe while they play. With parking lots, especially, it’s important to keep elementary and middle school kids from running into the paths of cars, so blocking off an entire parking lot or portion of a parking lot (if no field or playground is available) can be a good way to ensure that they receive necessary outdoor time while remaining safe. With these smaller spaces also comes the opportunity for creating specific game areas, such as a safe enclosure for four-square.

We especially love creating Gaga Ball pits with crowd control barricades because they’re so versatile – they’re wheelchair-friendly, easy to set up and take down, and the game itself is a ton of fun for kids of all ages! Find our guide to Gaga Ball here.

Containing recess games such as these ensures that the fun remains high and the chance for an accidental ball to the head or someone running into the road remains low.

Alternating red and silver school barricades lined up to create an indoor bowling lane inside of a gym. Closest to the camera is a man with down syndrome smiling and holding a bowling ball.

Secure and coordinate parking lots and pick-up lines.

Parking lots and pick-up lines can be packed at best and dangerous at worst when parents and guardians are dropping off and picking up their children from school. Barricades can be especially valuable there, as they can mark crosswalks or parking spots, separate the sidewalk from the pick-up lane, and guide cars efficiently through your parking lot.

When paired with directional signage, they can help guide vehicles and pedestrians to the correct place. We recommend a combination of vertical panels for marking spots, LCDs for directing traffic, and billboard barricades for any needed signage!

Keep them safe and sound.

Ensuring that your school, parking lot, large events, and more, are as safe as they can be is an important part of any school’s planning – keep your students safe with attentive staff, advance preparation, and barricades.

Yellow OTW school barricades are lined up to form a queue for students to follow.