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Determine Safety Requirements

OTW Safety has been in the business of improving airfield work zone safety since we started designing the first plastic low profile barricade. We pride ourselves on the quality and durability of our barricades.
The low profile airport barricade for airfield construction

When you’re employing a safety plan for an airport construction job it’s important to determine the number of barricades you’ll need for which stages of the project. Airports sometimes keep a stock of low profile barricades but most times contractors are required to purchase them. If you know you’ll need to purchase barricades the next step is to find out how many you need and when you need them.

We suggest studying the key in your construction documents and using a ruler to make an educated guess on the number of linear feet you need to cover with barricades.

Do the barricades need to connect seamlessly or do the requirements allow them to be spaced a certain distance apart? Once you’ve determined the linear feet required, add the number of allowable feet between barricades to the length of one barricade (8ft). Divide the total linear feet by that number and you’ll know how many sections are needed. If the barricades are to be interconnected you’ll lose about 6 inches per barricade where they overlap. In this case divide the total linear feet by 7.5 to find the total number of barricades needed.

low profile barriers using traffic lights
Airport construction often takes place in stages so you may be able to determine the amount you need based on the area of the first construction site. Barricades can always be emptied and relocated as projects progress. The next thing to consider is how many lights and flags are required for the project. Sometimes two lights and flags are required but sometimes only one per barricade is necessary. Keep in mind solar powered lights will save time and manpower in the long run since batteries don’t have to be replaced. Our hazard lights can last for multiple jobs, especially when they’re stored properly.

If you need help determining how many barricades, flags or lights you’ll need, give us a call. Call (801) 363-7740

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