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Roadway Construction Safety

Construction zones are one of the most dangerous areas on our roadways. In 2016, there were over 150,000 work zone crashes with 38% of those resulting in injuries. Protecting drivers, pedestrians, and workers should be the top concern when starting a new roadway construction project. Luckily, OTW has a wide selection of plastic safety barricades that can improve the visibility, safety, and delineation of your work zone.
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Types of Roadway Construction Barricades

There are two standard barricade shapes that are typically required for roadway construction – the “Jersey shape” and the “F-shape.” Both are designed to encourage vehicles to roll up the side of the barricade instead of forcing them to a hard stop. Concrete jersey barricades were the first to be developed and are the most commonly seen. Water-filled plastic barricades came into popularity in the 1990’s and continue to be desirable because of their ability to reduce impact and move laterally.

Roadway Construction Zones

OTW Safety makes many different plastic safety barricades that are suitable for either high or low speed construction zones. All of our traffic control barricades can be ballasted with water and accessorized with safety lights and reflective sheeting.

Our safety orange plastic barricades provide more visibility to drivers and absorb more impact in a crash. They can also be more efficient to deploy since most models can be set up by one person and then ballasted with water.

Low Speed Zones

Low speed roadway construction applications include low speed roadways, construction sites, parking lots, parking structures, dead-ends, apartment complexes and mall construction zones. Our TL-0 rated barricades include the 42-inch Jersey Shape barricade and 32-inch Jersey Shape barricade.

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High Speed Zones

High speed roadway construction zones are most commonly found on highways and freeways. Many of our barricades are federally accepted as Longitudinal Channeling Devices (LCD’s) and are suitable for high speed work zones. Depending on how much protection is needed, our roadway safety barricades can either form an interlocking wall or be spaced individually to supplement cones and drums.

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