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Adding Outdoor Seating to your Restaurant

Get your customers in by getting your tables out. It’s summertime! That means people are aching to get outside and enjoy the open air. We are also in a time where restaurants and dining establishments are faced with new challenges due to COVID-19. 

Whether you’re looking to take advantage of the warm weather or to increase table numbers while maintaining social distancing measures, odds are you are looking at how to bring your services outside while keeping your customers safe. OTW has many barricade options for setting up a temporary outdoor seating area. Outdoor seating barricades can help create or delineate spaces in areas like parking lots that otherwise couldn’t safely accommodate customers. Patio and outdoor dining area barricades can keep your seating areas private from pedestrian traffic and safe from vehicle traffic, while allowing your customers to enjoy the fresh air and (sunshine) getting outside. 

Here are 3 great outdoor seating barricade options from OTW for creating your own dining areas:

Playa Bowls LCD Barricades_Edit

32” LCD Barricades

The OTW32 LCD Barricades are one of our newest innovations, and are a great balance of protection for your customers, and ease of set-up and use for you! They are the lightest and most portable of our models, which means shipping is easily arranged and highly efficient — up to 24 units can fit on a single pallet. Empty, the OTW32 LCD only weighs about 32 lbs., making set-up and storage efficient and able to be done by just a couple of people. Ballasted with sand or water once in place, these barricades can weigh up to 500lbs! They come in color options of safety orange and white, and are just the right height for your customers to be able to easily see out over them while seated, so they don’t miss a bit of the view.

Yellow Billboard Barricades with Custom Signage creating a perimeter around the dining area at the Adventure and Gear Festival

Crowd Control Barricades

For an easily maneuverable option for delineating your space, OTW Safety has our CC42x96 Crowd Control Barricades. These have the option of sign panels on both sides for easy branding, letting your customers know who you are and where you are (including that you’re open and have outdoor seating!). They also have many customizable colors, so you can coordinate with your restaurant’s theme. These are a great option as patio barricades for areas with a lot of pedestrian foot traffic and less vehicle traffic, for while it is not best utilized as a physical barrier, it is an attractive and highly visible option.

42” LCD Barricades

If safety and security is your biggest concern, then the OTW42 LCD Barricades offer the most robust option for outdoor dining area barricades. If your new outdoor seating area is in a parking lot or extending into where vehicle traffic poses a higher risk, this is probably your best option. They can be ballasted with sand or water (weighing in at over 1200 lbs when full) and even meet federal safety standards for vehicle traffic. These barricades come in options of safety orange or white. Your customers can eat in peace and you can enjoy peace of mind knowing they are protected!

Let Us Provide The Best Solution For You!

Let OTW help you create a new outdoor dining space. Covid-19 social distancing has caused restaurants to start thinking outside the box about how they can fill their tables while keeping customers safe, and this can be overwhelming. Here at OTW Safety, we not only sell our barricades, we also manufacture them, so we know just how to customize your options to fit your business’ needs. Contact us if you need help in determining the best way to barricade your new space and get your customers safely seated! We are here to help.

The Safer Choice

OTW has several barricade options that allow for appropriate social distancing while your customers enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.