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Winners of our 1st OTW Photo Contest

Hattiesburg Zoo lg

Thank you to all who participated in our first-ever photo contest. We appreciate the time you took to send us all your great pictures. We love seeing OTW barricades being used!

Our first place winner stole the show with Mo the sloth hanging out on one of our billboard barricades. Granted, he probably doesn’t weigh that much but notice how stable the barricades are with the twist-out feet. The Hattiesburg Zoo is one of the many zoos who use the display panel to advertise exhibits and post directions for guests.

Matthew Godfrey Hattiesburg Zoo Barricades lg

Notable Mentions

This is a great shot of a crowded city work zone clearly delineated with 42″ Jersey Shape LCDs. Because a line of water-filled barricades is formidable but also moveable, the configuration can accommodate cars that need to be parked within a construction zone.

Adam Johnson ESI 1 lg

This shot shows off another great use for plastic crowd control barricades. Here they are being used to line the sides of a race finish line in El Cajon. The colorful barricades make the space feel more festive and exciting, enhancing the overall feel. You can see plenty of people leaning on the barricades – they are very stable when interconnected. Here Safe-T-Lite has branded the barricades by stenciling on the plastic. Many rental companies use this technique to keep track of inventory and share their contact info.

Hudson Safety 2 lg

This is a great example of using billboard barricades as another promotional piece. You see the tents, tables, inflatables and van are all branded. Crowd barricades with signage not only separate the space but they support sponsor logos as well. When it comes to event sponsorships it’s all about making the most of all the space you have!

Wannabe Racing Brett Craig lg

Water-filled barricades can do more than keep people and cars out of construction sites – they can also be used within a site to create needed boundaries. This propane tank is right on the ground and could easily be driven into by accident. With temporary barricades like the 32″ Jersey Shape barricade, this space can be protected until a more permanent barrier is constructed.

Be Safe Barrier NAMI Kalahari Mt Pocono PA lg