OTW Safety

Event Safety

OTW has been a proponent of event safety since 1993. We work closely with event organizers to create site plans that will direct foot traffic safely and efficiently. When you pair directional signage with our colorful event barricades you increase awareness and things run even more smoothly.

Insurance Brokerage

Do you have the proper insurance for your event? There are many factors to account for and one size does not fit all. Insurance is a piece often neglected by organizers who are busy talking to sponsors and generating buzz. However, as with most things, it’s better to be prepared than to be caught off guard when something serious happens. Our team has experience recommending necessary coverage and we can steer you toward the right insurance.

Event Graphics & Signage

The billboard barricade is lightweight yet sturdy so it's easier to set up and still stands up to crowds.

OTW Billboard Barricades have the unique advantage of being able to display custom signs. Our custom barricade signs are a popular choice for advertising and showcasing sponsors. Signs can also be used to improve the overall experience of guests by providing instructions, maps, and directions. If you are planning a large event, custom signs are a great way to keep everyone organized and your guests safe and informed.

When you add custom signs to your event, you’ll be able to work with our in-house designers to gather all of your sponsor logos in the correct format and design any informational signs needed. Your signs will be printed on a high-end flatbed printer with attachment holes pre-drilled and hardware included. We can also help with your other display graphics and branded collateral since we know the best printers and merchandising specialists around!

Operations Management & On-Site Security

Our on-site operations and security crew are there to make sure the venue stays clean, the bathrooms are easy to find, trash cans are accessible and never overflowing, first-aid stations are visible and staffed, waiting lines are not a security risk, and 21+ areas are safe, secure, and meeting the requirements of state and local laws.

Safety and security at events and festivals has become an even higher priority for organizers in recent times. You want participants to be and feel safe and your liability to be minimal. We can help you understand best practices for on-site security, provide training for your team, and help you find appropriate security personnel.

OTW also offers event planning services to help you map out, plan, and manage your event.

Start Your Event Safety Plan!

Interested in OTW’s event safety services? We’d love to help. Not only does OTW offer some of the most secure, high-quality plastic barricades available, we can help you plan, organize, and manage your event. Give us a call to get started today!

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