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4 Reasons Why You Should Be Transforming Your Barricades Into High-Impact Media Ads

4 Reasons Why You Should Be Transforming Your Barricades Into High Impact Media Ads

Effective marketing is a powerful tool for any business. However, to succeed in today’s marketing environment, you need to go beyond the typical linear media advertising. After all, what’s the point of advertising your business if nobody sees it?

As advertising continues to evolve with the times, brands and advertisers are developing new and exciting methods of reaching their target audiences. With so many brands and advertisers jumping into the advertising world, the competition is fierce. A great way to get creative and catch attention is by transforming your crowd control barricades into high-impact media ads. Off of the road, at events or on sidewalks, you have a guaranteed captive audience. Plus, with customizable options for all sorts of barricades (fence panels, crowd control barricades, custom colors, etc), your options are affordable, reusable, and very versatile.

If we haven’t already convinced you, here are 4 reasons why you should be transforming your barricades into high-impact media ads.

Large Outreach

In a world of clever algorithms and targeted digital ads, marketing specialists have become very good at funneling a business’ message to a very specific audience. However, sometimes you want a broader outreach, to catch those eyes that may not look at your business on a screen. You can’t swipe away a bright, beautiful barricade ad as you walk along. Plus, as many people tend to drive or walk along the same paths, repeated exposure reinforces your ad again and again.

Strategic and Versatile Placement

Yes, you can achieve a broad reach with your barricade ads, but if you want, you can (and should) take it a step further and think about where you are placing them. If you’re in a walkable area trying to bring people in, consider pedestrian barricades or those that would be visible to passersby so they don’t miss your business. If you’re near another popular shop or restaurant, choose barricades near them, so customers may start to think of you when they’re nearby. If you want people to look you up, pick a busy commute where people will repeatedly see your ads and get curious. What’s great about barricade ads is that if you own the barricades, they are easy to move, re-arrange and place in just the right spot. You are able to target drivers or pedestrians, or both! You can get your ads placed at events. The options are wide, and often easily changeable.

Less competition

Up against a sea of pop-up ads, TV commercial breaks, and quick scroll-throughs, it is difficult to stand out. When you place your ads on barricades, they are far less cluttered than other spaces so they really stand out. Not only are they less expected, and therefore more likely to be noticed, you can control where they are and where they stay.

You can place them at events where people will be standing in line, outside your business or anywhere you might find a barricade. Plus, when you place a barricade, that ad is working for you 24/7. It’s not switching screens with another business, and it can’t simply be swiped away. With custom colors and signage, as well as strategic placement, your ad is sure to be the only one people are looking at.

More Bang For Your Buck

Nowadays, a business’ marketing budget is a large portion of what they spend each year. So, it is crucial to make each dollar go as far as possible. When you purchase custom barricades, you have the unique advantages of:

  • Custom Colors: All of OTW’s barricades can be customized. Match your company’s colors (we can match any Pantone color), or simply choose something bright and noticeable.
  • Custom Signage: Whether you’re printing a logo or a message, you can create something spectacular to place on your crowd control barricades, or place up high on a fence panel to grab everyone’s eye.
  • Versatility: Why pay for a single ad placement to be seen a limited number of times, when you can create a high-impact ad to be used again and again? Because plastic barricades can be moved and stored easily, you can reuse them at all your sites and events as you please.

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