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Why We Have the Best Customer Service: Real People, Real Answers.

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We’ve all been caught in the death loop of online FAQs and neverending phone menus when we need support from a company. While modern technology has given us many useful resources, sometimes you just need to talk to a human. Here at OTW Safety, we believe in some old school business tactics, like being there for you— as people. No 800 numbers hidden deep in the website, no shouting commands to a voice-activated phone robot. You can call our number, and a real person will pick up the phone to talk to you.

Press 5 for Frustrated

We’re all over it. No one wants to be caught in a multi-layer onslaught of phone menu options. We’ve all felt the sting of a copy/paste form email. It’s cold, impersonal, and worst of all, not helpful. We know that when you have something to ask us or talk to us about, it’s important. We know the best way to get to what you need is to have our experts listen to what you need, and discuss all the options we can offer. When you talk to us, you’re talking to us, not an automated machine of recorded, generic information you probably already know or could find out yourself.

Custom Solutions Require Custom Answers

Here at OTW Safety, we love providing individual options for our customers, from a variety of color choices for barriers to customized signage. Not every project can fit a template, so a form email or FAQ page on our website just doesn’t cut it.

We are here to work with you directly as a partner in making your projects successful. Whether you’re throwing an event or taking on a construction project, we want to make sure you get exactly the right equipment to make it successful.

What Makes Us Different?

Sure, you might be thinking, “plenty of companies answer their phones.” Many now offer live chat options and ways to get a real human on the other end. However, many times you will run into someone who gives you answers from a spreadsheet, or information you know you could have just Googled yourself. Our staff are knowledgeable, and are experts. We have a customer-centric team here working hard to really listen to what you need and find a great solution. We won’t be reading answers to you from a pre-written list, and you won’t be receiving blanket copy/paste email responses.

We enjoy being experts at what we do! We can only come up with custom solutions if we get to hear for ourselves what you need.

Why Our Customers Love Us

We were excited to recently have a customer return to purchase lights for the barriers we provided years before. They gave us a glowing review, specifically citing our prompt response to an issue with a real solution— it was specifically our customer service that brought them back to us. We don’t outsource our emails and phone calls. We genuinely want to hear from you and offer real answers from real people. Your feedback, every phone call, every email, makes us stronger, and we know that our customer service keeps our clients coming back for more!

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Our customers matter to us. Making real connections and partnerships is what we love to do. Let us find a custom solution for your next project and Contact Us Here today!

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